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We're all sending green and white light for you to feel really good, and to have loads of time left with your Momcat and your 2 legged brother before you make that final journey. We've heard from your momcat that you're doing really well, so keep up the good work, and enjoy your special day as CAT OF THE DAY! Woo-hoo! Way to go, Pretty Girl!

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > How do I move on?
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Oh, dear Angel,

I'm so sorry to hear about your brothers. I'll bet you can see the one who went to the Rainbow Bridge sometimes, can't you? Buddy and Bingo visit Momcat's house sometimes, and the we kitties who are here always see them before Momcat does.

I came to Momcat's house after Bingo went to the Rainbow Bridge forever. She says I am her savior, because I brought Kitty Love back to her life. Then she got Buddy for me. I didn't even want a kitty. But you know what? After ten years together, Buddy had to go to the Bridge, too, and I missed him like I never thought I would.

I really began to feel better last year when Stevie Raow Vaughn needed a place to stay and Cat Daddy brought him home to our house. I didn't like the idea at first, but once I got used to him, he helped to fill my days with play instead of lonely time. Now I can actually almost envision a day when I'll like him!

I hope your one brother will find his way back to your house where he belongs. Just keep thinking that it's possible that he was taken in by someone nice like Momcat and Cat Daddy. They took Stevie in because it was a cold, icy night, and he had been hanging around for hours on end with no place to keep warm. Momcat and Cat Daddy always wonder if he had a happy home before he came to us. They searched and searched for a family who missed him, but they never found one.

In the mean time, cuddle up with your Momcat and Cat Daddy, and let them soothe your broken heart. You will do the same for them, and in time, you'll all begin to heal. It's so hard to say good-bye forever. I know.

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Catster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > animal cops bengal breeder

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Momcat and I saw that episdode and it really bothered us. We don't remember the name of the breeder (if it was even provided), but I am a Bengal, and I take exception to the show.

They described the Bengals as being dangerous wild cats, and taht is not the truth. the Bengal breed, at the pet level, is at least 6 generations from the Asian Leopard Cat, and is considered to be a domestic breed. Bengals are extremely affectionate and personable cats when raised well, just like any breed. If any cat is not well socialized from the beginning they will be feral and wild in nature.

I am an absolute love bug (and a terrific conversationalist), and so was my nephew, Buddy Guy. I thought that episode did a lot to harm the reputation of the breed and the responsible breeders. My breeder is a wonderful woman. She has a degree in Animal Genetics, and she socializes all of her cats really well -- both with people and other animals. All of her kitties are extremely easy to get along with and a joy to be around.

I'll try to do a little digging and see if I can find out the name of the breeder.

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Cat Health > Help With Limping

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Dear Dharma Prana,

Have you been licking your paw pads at all?

A few years ago I kept limping and licking at my pads, and it took my people forever to figure out what the problem was. They took me to the doctor (Eeeeew! I hate that!) and he did x-rays and checked to see if I had arthritis. I kept trying to tell them that there was something in my paw.

Momcat noticed what I was doing, and she inspected my foot really closely. One of the uprights had broken a glass in the kitchen about a week earlier, and I had a sliver of glass in my pad. Boy, was it ever sore! I finally got it most of the way out on my own, and then Momcat pulled it all the way out for me. In other words, she removed the thorn from my paw. I love Momcat!

If you and your people just moved, it's possible something got broken along the way. Have your mom and dad check your pads for any sores or sensitivity.

Good luck, and let me know what happens.

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Cat Health > HELP!!! He is fixed and still humping

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Wow! Our hats are off to Max! Tee-hee. Actually, "humping" is normal behaviour. many of us use it to show our dominance, and sometimes we even use it to show our, how do you say? Amour. As long as you're not spraying, I don't think it's a problem.

I had to answer this one, because one year ago tonight (I have a reason for remembering the date. It was the last night I was an only cat), I suddenly started getting amourous with my Momcat's arm. While she was sleeping, I'd grab her arm and bite on her wrist while mounting her forearm and bunny-kicking her elbow. She made me stop. She said it's not right for a boy to hump his own Momcat. She has been calling me "Eddie Puss Rex" ever since. She thinks she's funny.

Keep in mind that I had my "batteries" taken out at 7 months, and I was 11 1/2 when I started humping the Momcat!

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Cat Health > Help! Urinary Tract Problems...
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Dear Chloe Jane,

Boy, are my paws tired! I just replied to you, and when I went to edit my response, it timed out and disappeared! I hope it doesn't happen again this time.

I agree with your mom. "CHICKEN MEAL, RICE, CORN GLUTEN MEAL, GROUND CORN, CHICKEN FAT, NATURAL FLAVORS and the top ingredients in the canned are WATER, MEAT BY-PRODUCTS, CHICKEN BY-PRODUCTS, ANIMAL FAT (PRESERVED WITH BHA/BHT), NATURAL FLAVORS" are horrific ingredients, and people try to make those awful things sound pallatible by using nice names for them. Most of the time, the grains that are used are not human grade, and don't even get me started on what's really in "Chicken Meal" or "Chicken By-products" -- a human being would never even want to smell it, let alone eat it. It gives me the shivers just thinning about it.

My mom feeds us Wellness canned and EVO (by Innova) dry. All human grade ingredients, and very tasty.

Bingo (who is now at Rainbow Bridge) had terrible UTIs that required surgery to save his life. That was a long time ago, before Wellness was available. I've had a couple of UTIs that weren't as serious, but I know how they hurt, and how dangerous they can be. Believe me -- I'll never forget how they squeezed the pee out of me to get me going again. I thought I'd explode! I made sure that everyone within a five mile radius of the clinic knew about it.

I haven't had a single problem since Mom started us on the Wellness and EVO diet.

Check with the people who sell the Wellness to your mom. The Wellness company also makes a great line of human grade sup-plememts for kitties wth all kinds of conditions, and they are wonderful and taste great! I believe they have something specifically for kitties with UTIs.

Good luck, and let us know how you're doing!

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