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October 16 is National Feral Cat Day! See the Alley Cat Allies website
for more information and ways you can get involved.

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Behavior & Training > 3 Cats now! Need help with #2 and #3 getting along!

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How to introduce new cat to multiple cat household

It usually takes two weeks at least for a cat to adjust to a new home and for the resident cats in that home to accept the new cat. At first keep the cat in only one room or even better, an extra large plastic airline dog crate with its litter, food, water, a toy or two, and something to sleep on. With the crate method, the cat is safe but can see and interact with the resident cat through the door of the crate. If you use the crate method, let the cat out for awhile in one room by itself to exercise and explore. After the cat has been returned to the crate, let your resident cat(s) back into the room where the cat was so they can sniff around and get used to the cat's scent and presence. If you're using the separate room method, move the cat to a different room for awhile and let the resident cat come into the room where the cat previously was and let the cat sniff around. After awhile remove the resident cats and return the cat to the first room. I personally prefer the crate method because it allows for safe socialization between the resident cats and the cat 24/7. If the cat doesn't want to interact or if she's scared, she can hide in the back of the crate and feel safe.

After your new cat shows some confidence (comes to the front of the crate and shows interest in the world beyond the crate door) clip all cats claws and then let the cats meet each other while you supervise. Most likely there will be some hissing on both sides as each will be a bit afraid of the other. Generally then the cats will stay out of each others way at first, then gradually they form a truce or an understanding among them.

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Food & Nutrition > Best food for UTI prone cat


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I have one older cat who is prone to UTIs who after being put on Purina ONE dry urinary formula, has not had another attack since. I give him fresh water every day. Cats tend to be picky about water and prefer their water the fresher the better.

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Laws & Legislation > Community in PA to inhumanely put down all feral,stray and any cat outdoors in september PLEASE READ


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I urge everyone to sign this petition. Rabies is very rare, seldom seen in cats, and nobody practices wholesale slaughter of other species when a rabid individual is found. There's absolutely no reason to practice wholesale slaughter of cats. This atrocity must be prevented from happening!

Another reason everyone should sign this petition is that once a slaughter like this is allowed to happen, other such horrific slaughters are likely to follow with all sorts of excuses being made for them.

Info on rabies, if Catster puts a space in the links, you'll have to take the space back out before you try to open the link.
http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/AI/small_animals/Rabies%20Info% 20Sheet.pdf
http://www.vetmed.lsu.edu/rabies_info.htm#What%20animal s%20are%20most%20likely%20to%20be%20rabid
http://www.cdc.gov/rabies /

Everyone please sign this petition!

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