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Ok, kitty fans I gotta fur-problem. About a week ago I was found outside. My nice family took her in and I have taken to her colony. The other day at the bus stop two little girls asked mommy's son if he has seen me. He said no and came home and told mommy about it.

The reason he said no is b/c about a month ago they had to call animal control on their family b/c they were keeping their shi-tzu (sp) outside in a crate w/ moldy food and no water w/ no way to go the bathroom (ALL DAY AND NIGHT) even when it was raining and when temps dropped into the 30s. They gave them a kitten they rescued last year and he runs around outside, UN FIXED (so he's adding to the kitty population)

Would you give me back or would you let me stay with the nice family. (BTW the dog and the puppy they kept of hers is gone b/c "they are not dog people anymore")

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