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Purred: Sat Jan 19, '13 8:46pm PST 
Thank you for helping this lovely kitty get a good home...we are purring in your honor!

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Cats and a Clean Home > My Butt Stinks, and I Fling Litter Everywhere
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Named for a- Legend, I become- one!
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There is a litterbox out a fellow rescuer clued us in on-but a substatute can be made easily. But it's a box sold in Petsmart called a 'Smartbox' or sometihng like that.. The opening is on the top.
This might be a problem for some cats, we have 3 regluar boxes as well, but it's handy in that not as much litter gets scattered around.
You could make one with a large rubermaid container used for storage, or even do what several other people have suggested.

We understand food allergies, our Midnight is battling them. Not sure what your girl is allergic to, but it was suggested by our vet that Petco puts out their own brand that is grain free. Our Calvin is on a lamb diet, and we vary it with fussycat, which is not expensive, only thing is it's all fish, but all grain free.

all the best, Deb and the Ridgewood Clowder

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Food & Nutrition > Help! Having trouble putting weight on our rescue!

Calvin Mc- Catster- D.I.T#46b

Named for a- Legend, I become- one!
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '13 7:18am PST 
hiw is his stool? How old is he?
Our little black house panther Midnight-a failed foster-is very thin. We were told to get his stool retested for possible giardia, as this can cause thinness. Older cats, also, sometimes have trouble gaining weight-Smokieboo has losst weight as he's gotten older and will need a 'senior panel' soon. There are so many reasons taht can cause cats not to gain weight...our cats get canned and dry-the dry is Nataural Balance Salmon and Rabbit as our vet suggested 'novel' proteins for him-and thus, for all my cats who eat dry. Middy eats anything, and we are also having a problem with him putting on weight. However, he is just a year old, plays, and appears otherwise healthy.

We are probably going to have to have him checked again soon.

all the best to you!

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