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Behavior & Training > freaked out after brothers illness

Charles- Bingley

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Purred: Tue Feb 5, '13 9:32am PST 
He may smell different to Kiki because he was in the bedroom, or have some sort of smell from the infection or medication given to him. What I had read other CATSTER members suggesting is to take an old towel or t-shirt and first rub Kiki with it and then rub her brother with the same towel or t-shirt. This usuall seems to calm the "Scary Cat".

Hope it helps.

The New Orleans Kittieswave

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Good Friend's Kitty
Charles- Bingley

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Purred: Mon Jan 21, '13 7:04am PST 
We are SO sorry to read this. Poor little Rainbow, to leave her furrever home so quickly. As hard as it was, at least she knew a short time of love and caring. All of us kitties sends purrs and soft paw pats, and our meowmy sends hugs. Rainbow was greeted at the Bridge by all the Bridge Babies here on CATSTER, and will be loved by all the cat lovers there now.

Hopefully when the family is ready they will look to give another shelter cat(or two), a furrever home.

Sad Purrs,hug
The New Orleans Kitties

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Kitten Corner > At last

Charles- Bingley

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YAY!!!!cheercheerapplausedancingdancinghappy dancehamster dancehamster dance......We are all SO happy to read this Mary, after following Dylan's food problems on FACEWBOOK. Hope he continues to eat.


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Choosing the Right Cat > A companion for a 2 year old cat?

Charles- Bingley

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Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 7:48am PST 
Hi Ginzowave YAY for your human adopting a cat from a rescue group. We visited your page, left you some treats, a present and a Friends Request.

And we agree, a male or female cat who has been neutered or spayed, around a year old would be a good companion for you. Has your person checked with the rescue group you came from to determine if they had another cat who might fit what you need? Or they may know of other cats perhaps being fosterd, who are the right age and love to play. If you happened to live in the Greater New Orleans area, I would also have a GREAT cat for you to have as a your new brother, his name is Charles Bingley (Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book).

Keep us posted on your hunt for a friend......RESCUES ROCK!!!

The New Orleans Kittiesdancingcheercheer

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Behavior & Training > What is the right age to leave a kitten alone?

Charles- Bingley

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First, GOOD for you to point this out to the owner of the kitten. The kitten may not only be lonely, but hungry. But it has another kitten to play with I would lean toward it being hungry. Perhaps the owner only puts food and water out in bowls, and the kittens eat it all. My suggestion would be to approach the owner or the mom (you know which one you know better), and suggest Self-feeders and Waterers. These are available at both Family Dollar and Dollar General as well as Wal-Mart and K-Mart, they are availalbe as well at PetsMart and PetCo, just the other stores are cheaper. I have two of each downstairs and one of each upstairs.

Suggest this as a way to make HER life easier, not having to worry about the kittens having sufficient food and water, if you feel comfortable enough, mention it to the mom.

IMO is SO cute, we sent him a present, and will send a Friends Request to you all aw well.

The New Orleans Kitties wave

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