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Purred: Tue Oct 9, '12 6:55pm PST 
Hi! I had a similar problem last year with a litter of kittens I fostered and then with my own rescue kitten. Like the above comment the recommended term of Albon is usually 8-10 days but depending on the severity of the Coccidia they might need a second dose of Albon like the kittens I fostered had to. Also, it's crucial to keep the litter pan as clean as possible, which may sound like an insurmountable task. My former boss and veterinarian suggested changing the litter every other day, not filling the litter pans as much, and then washing the litter pans, letting them soak in a diluted Bleach mixture for 5-10 minutes and then washing again just to make certain they were fully cleaned. It seemed to do the trick here anyways. Hope that helps and that the babes get better! (:

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