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I have real bad teeth and have since I was young. My brother, who isn't with us anymore, and I had our teeth cleaned first at the age of 2 and it was $250. Due to my breed, I have constant tartar buildup which causes gum inflammation. Mom was right in starting young. I had my last cleaning about 2 years ago and they had to extract two teeth as well, it was $472. So $500 is highway robbery, but teeth cleaning is a good preventitive. I hate wet food and only get dry, but I still get bad tartar buildup that reoccurs even with dental type treats, and I chew mouses alot too. Gum inflammation can cause bleeding and sometimes lead to sores in the mouth. So its really up to the owner I think, but I am glad mom got ours done. Our sisters teeth have never been done because she hates people, and the world in general, and her teeth are very yellow and she had inflamed gums so she prefers to eat only wet food.

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Cat Health > Trouble with Resistant Tapeworm
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Oh my, that IS a load of crap. The animal should be healthy when you adopt them, if not then you should have been made aware of any pre exisitng problems or conditions. How unfair. frown

I have not had tapeworm experience with cats, but the dog I saved had an insane tapeworm that he literally strung across my HUGE yard. I had to work hard to get rid of it, it took a few months actually of all the damned segments, on the carpet, his kennel, constantly cleaning to make sure nobody ingested a segment since we have a house full of animals. His tapeworm was around 10 ft long, and let me tell you.. I was VERY unprepared for the entire thing to come out at once!

I found this, herbal treatments are easy to make at home and cost sometimes pennies! http://www.ehow.com/facts_6828323_holistic-homemade-tapeworm-pet-rem edy.html

I used garlic and yogurt for my dog. But I know herbals well, and do not recomend this. Dislodging the tapeworm all at once can cause it to collect in one spot and cause a blockage requiring surgery.

That tapeworm your kitty has is crazy, I did some research and it actually says to check the vet manual for treatment. :o

Good luck, and I hope this helps. I would seriously be asking for SOME sort of reimbursement from that organization you got your cat from.

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Senior Cats > Is it time to help my lo boy cross the Rainbow Bridge?

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I remember a time like this just two years ago. I used to attack my brother, even though we used to be best friends for 12 years, but he was sick and I didn't want mom to get sick! My brother would hide under the table all night long and vomit first thing in the morning when mom would wake up. She was frantic and soon realized something was wrong. It took a week for a vet appointment and during that time mom realized that he couldn't see at night to use any of the litterboxes. The light from the windows and street lamps weren't enough. So mom put nightlights by our litterboxes, and one that lit up the stairs. My brother was vomiting from holding his urine all night long. After his vet visit, mom found out he was in stage 4 kidney failure. She was real sad, so I let him do his thing and I quit attacking him unless he was constipated or smelled different again. With herbal supplements for his kidneys and arthritis, he did better and we played a few times and snuggled like old times. I knew it made mom sad when I would attack him. She did everything to make him feel better, and in the end he got a tumor in his mouth which could not be removed due to the kidney failure. Thats when mom told me he was going to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a personal decision you and your boy make together, he knows when he wants to go.. he won't have a quality of life, and you will see this and then you will know as well. It's a very personal decision to make, but in moms past experiences she tries whatever she can to accomodate, and when that isn't enough or they don't have pain free happy days and nothing works, then she has made that decision.

I recently started attacking my sister now, so mom knows something is wrong with her now.

I hope Charlie is doing better.

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