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Did somebody say- dinner?- Nomnomnomnom.
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Yep Jackson Galaxy has some great tips. My mom makes sure I have access to the kitchen window, from there I like to get on top of the refrigerator. She also keeps the cabinet above the fridge empty and open for me. I like to sleep and play up there. She also has a big cat tree in the bedroom, next to the window for me. And is going to be getting an even bigger one and some shelves for the living room. I can't wait til she does all that. I will have so many great places to climb! Mom says moderncat.net has some great ideas. Kate (Ms Moderncat) has also been on Jackson's show. I'm the only kitty in the house that likes high places, so my brothers can't bother me. Sometimes Shadow meows until mommy or daddy put him on the fridge, then he plays with me, but he won't jump up there himself. So the high places are all mine! smilebig grin

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