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Out of the 4 younger ones Thunder has been the only one we haven't worried about. He's never lost weight (though he's still very tiny and doesn't gain much, but they're all quite tiny kittens)

The past few days he hasn't been eating much from the dropper. While the others down 6-8 per feeding, after 1 you have to force him to eat more.

This morning the other 3 ate like we've never fed them before and I had to force Thunder to eat 3 droppers full. After eating the others went to sleep and he got his after meal playtime (him rolling over and swatting at my fingers) but during snuggle time he wasn't purring like usual. We can get him to purr for a few seconds, but then he stops. We're getting worried since he usually purrs nonstop.

He can walk still and acts normal other than the not eating and lack of purring.

We've given him some KMR again (we took them off KMR since it was too rich for them and gave them kitten glop so they could fatten up a bit) and we also gave him a dropper of just pure Karo (since I read low blood sugar can cause loss of appetite and to give them Karo) We ran a flea comb through his fur and came up with no fleas (a little dirt but they were all bathed in dawn last night and that got rid of most of the fleas) and we gave him a little chicken broth.

I'm going out in a little bit to buy some more canned kitten food along with some baby food meat to see if he'll eat that. I soaked some dry kitten food (Purina One) in chicken broth to try to give him later too since he does eat canned food and was the only one to try dry food yesterday.

He does seem to eat better in the afternoon than in the morning, but he's still just too skinny and his tummy's never fully round while his sisters' are about to explode and they still ask for more food.

We're just worried and don't want to lose him (or any of them, but he's the one we're keeping and is the sweetest by far) If it gets any worse the vet's going to be getting a call, but there's not much they can do for such a little one (all of them are only between 8-10oz and from what my aunt says the momma cat's a tiny one herself so we just have a litter of tinies)

Any tips or ideas on how to get him to eat more and fatten up? Any recipes or products that work best?

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Kitten Corner > How were you named?

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With 7 kittens being watched over (3 from one litter and 4 from another one) naming was difficult! But here's how we all got our names here:

Cheeto: mommy's friend wanted an orange cat to name Cheeto and once they caught her the name was given, of course his girlfriend bought him a cat so this Cheeto's still in need of a home!

Pip: her owner named her. She's going to her new home next month since she gets "fixed" on the 31st!

Mica: they looked up gray cat names for him and thought that one was cute so now he's Mica

Chip: she's from my litter and has a white "chip" on her back

Ivy: grandma wanted to name a kitten Ivy and since Pip was changed to Pip from Ivy, when they got us a couple weeks later, she got her Ivy back!

Fern: her name went with Ivy and there was a minor plant theme happening there

and me, Thunder: they couldn't think up a name and when they were trying to think there was thunder so they called me Thunder. Mommy says it's a fitting name sicne I purr like a thunder storm!

So how did you all get your names?

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