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Grumpy Old Man
Purred: Mon Dec 31, '12 5:45pm PST 
This morning my poor Bandit had a stroke. Today started out so normal- he woke me up to feed him, and then followed me around as I went through my morning routine, just as always, but suddenly he was gone. I feel so odd without my grumpy old guy hanging over my shoulder. He made it his job to comfort me from the moment he came into my life, and it just seems like there's an empty space in my lap now; it's a little hard to handle.
I will say that I'm glad my sweet boy passed quickly and without having to suffer, and that he could spend his final moments in my arms.
Rest easy, my little one, and know that mommy will always love you rainbow

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Behavior & Training > Not Sure How He'll Handle It

Grumpy Old Man
Purred: Fri Oct 5, '12 4:43am PST 
I found out recently that I'm pregnant, and a fairly decent way along. My fiance and I are a little worried about how Bandit will react to the new arrival. He's pretty tempermental already. He's dog aggressive and timid around new people. Since he was already eight years old when we got him, we know he's pretty set in his ways and it would be hard to teach him differently.
My fiance hinted that he thinks it may be best to rehome Bandit, but I really don't want to do that to him. It took him a little while to adjust to us, so rehoming him again would be difficult for him. Not to mention he's become a part of our life. Every time one or both of us is be having trouble, Bandit always seems to place himself right where he can comfort us.
Does anyone know how we can possibly get Bandit to chill out a little before the baby arrives? If it comes to it, rehoming him is our very last option, but I'd rather have him stay a part of our family.

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