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Thanks for the concerns,
The vet was unable to pinpoint what the problem was, but was also not concerned.
The vet said we are healthy kitties!
The fecal exam came back negative.
The vet told mommy and daddy that even though we're only 8 months old, we do not need to be on kitten food any more. She suggested slowly switching over to either Iams Sensitive Stomach or Iams Hairball, just in case that's what made one of us sick.
Mommy asked if maybe the treats we ate could have upset our stomachs, the vet said maybe, and that we shouldn't eat anything sourced from China because they put lead in their chicken!
We've been doing fine since then. No more messes (though before the vet appointment, one of us threw up.. mommy scooped that up and brought it to the vet too)
We started a new food, and mommy has been withholding our treats *pout*

The vet said if it continues, we could try an antibiotic, but she didn't think it was necessary.

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