Birman > CoCo


Purred: Thu Feb 16, '12 3:13pm PST 
Adorable. I love the pointed breeded cats.

Looks like a siamese-mix.

A Birman will always have white paws that extend to just where the foot bends and on the feet midway on the foot. The hair is silky smooth with no undercoat.

A ragdoll can have "mitts" but when they do they are more like full socks on each leg. Ragdolls, at least the colorpoints will always have a white chin. The hair is like bunny fur.

My best guess would be a siamese mixed with anything and the siamese points were strong so they carried on! Still, a beautiful cat.

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Senior Cats > Hyperthyroidism for my Rambo

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My parents cat, Coco, died of hyperthyroidism. It was insidious and the medication didn't work fast enough to save her, she died soon after diagnosis at 14 years old. It is apparently very common in cats, so know the signs.

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