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Food & Nutrition > Kitten won't eat canned food


Purred: Sat Feb 25, '12 8:59pm PST 
While I tend to agree with much of what has been said, I will throw in my nickle way to go While I advocate a majority percentage of wet to dry in kitty's diet, an all dry diet is not necessarily a "bad" thing. In spite of what others think. Yes, an all wet diet is the ideal diet for meezers but what are you to do if the cat refuses any kind of wet? Kibble is calorie and carb dense so there are a lot of risk factors to consider. Obesity for one which can lead to feline diabetes. If the kitty does not drink enough water to hydrate themselves, all types of issues, including UTIs can occur.

There is probably nothing "wrong" with the diet your cat is on. You seem to want a better quality wet to try to transition him to. All the cool cats in this household thrive on Nutro Natural Choice and Nutro Max wet and dry food. For wet, other premium brands are given as well for a different texture and flavor treat for the kitties.

Try mixing one of the gravy wet foods in with some of the kibble to see what happens. Also try to mix some of the premium in with the FF and see if he will eat it. Don't give up after one try either. As we all know it takes the patience of a saint sometimes to cater to the felines ruling the household. Feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can help more if you need it. Good luck and keep us posted snoopy

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Food & Nutrition > Best dry food for a cat on a diet?

Purred: Sat Feb 25, '12 8:49pm PST 
Kind of a dilema since he won't eat wet food. I think the best course of action might be to slowly transition him over to a weight loss kibble. Make the transition a slow one, over the course of about 2 weeks if possible. Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight formulas might be an option him. When he is completely transitioned over to the new kibble, see how he's doing weight wise and adjust the amount given as needed. Possibly under the guidance of his veterinarian.

Keep in mind that dry kibble is carb and calorie dense so this may be a slow process. Have patience thinking

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