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Food & Nutrition > Guidance for a cheaper wet food?


Gotcha on- Memorial Day
Purred: Sat Dec 17, '11 5:47am PST 
I refuse to buy Fancy Feast or Friskies for my cats.. that's like feeding them Mc Donalds every day to a kid!

The cheapest, healthiest food I get for my cat is from Trader Joe's.

Do you have a Trader Joe's by you? If so, I'd try their cat food. 59¢ for a 5.5 oz can and ingredients are really good (though it does have grains, the only downside IMO). no by-products either. It's very close to Wellness, sans the grains.

I can't seem to find ingredients online, but the can in my hand: Trader Joe's Chicken, Turkey and Rice Dinner.. first few ingredients:
Chicken Broth, Chicken, Turkey, Ocean Fish, Animal Liver.

My picky cat likes them too, even though they are Paté. The only Paté my cat would eat, actually!

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Grooming > OMG - Furminator - endless process or what???

Gotcha on- Memorial Day
Purred: Thu Aug 11, '11 1:32pm PST 
The furminator is a great deshedder tool. I use it 2 or 3 times a week on my cats. It can and will make the fur too thin if you use it too often.

I'd brush with the furminator 2-3 times a week, and use a regular square wire brush every day. It may take time. but hope it helps!

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Cats and a Clean Home > Is Precious Cat the best there is or are there better litters out there?


Gotcha on- Memorial Day
Purred: Thu Aug 11, '11 1:30pm PST 
I use World's Best Cat Litter.. the multiple cat clumping formula. It's great since its made of all natural corn, very little to no dust and I don't smell any odor at all (except for initial opening of the bag when the corn scent escapes, but that goes away quickly!). It clumps tightly too.

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