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Hi to all! I am new here and have a question, our 14 month old bluepoint ragdoll was never very cuddly as a kitten. She would lay on me, purr, and kneed and seem happy but if you pet her too much she would bite you. ALL SHE WANTS TO DO IS PLAY, THAT'S IT!! My daughter {11} had just lost both her pets in the same month last year and so really took to this kitten and made her all hers; but Mittens don't like it!

Most of the time she tolerates her picking her up and toting her around and hugging/petting her all the time, but there are times when she has had it and will bite her or scratch her out of the clear blue. I told my daughter she needs to be able to read her clues that she is not happy, but she said she doesn't give any. The funny thing is Mittens only comes out now if my daughter is home, and she follows her around and stays/sleeps in her room; so I know she loves her!

So I guess what I am asking is will our cat become lovey dovey and more relaxed with age because we purchased her due to the nature of this breed, but she has not really shown that relaxed/lovey dovey side of her much yet.

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