What I Love About Catster > You Guys Are Amazing!! (Tiny, Squint, Autumn & Fuzz)

Tiny Dancer

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What I love about Catster is that there are true, blue people here that really, truly and authentically care about others in distress about their cats.

I want to thank all those who have offered support, gave donations to the shelter in the name of my cats... that's a big one - they are still awaiting adoption - and my gratefulness and thankfulness, joy and comfort from Catster people is none that I ever remember experiencing in my life.

Thank you deeply,

Tiny Dancer, Fuzz Black-Toe, Squint-Delicious, and Autumn Sits-With-Tiny-Paws (and Julie O')

p.s. I'll be offline starting tomorrow afternoon for maybe a week because of my move into the smaller place.

I love you guys!

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Cat of the Day & Week > TINY DANCER is beyond belief he is CAT OF THE DAY!!! :-D
Tiny Dancer

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Thanks so much you guys.

I loved the letter and all the support. I don't feel "disabled", but that's what they labeled me when my maw described my situation.

YOU guys rock!!!!!!!!! THANK you!!!!!!!!!!! applause

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Cat of the Day & Week > TINY DANCER is beyond belief he is CAT OF THE DAY!!! :-D

Tiny Dancer

"I am kitty,- hear me roar . .- ."
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Thank you all, I am so excited, especially being disabled - never knew I could win anything. (MOm tried to enter me (because she says I'm beautiful) in a local cat show once and they said they don't take disabled cats.

I am so appreciative I'm beyond words! happy dance hamster dance party

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New to Catster/Tips & Tricks > i need help please :/

Tiny Dancer

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Hey there,

I'm answering 'cause I live in California and a lot of people on here are from back east where millions have lost power and their homes and livelihood. There power should be on next week so says the weather channel.

Did you copy the Code for the Widgit and put it 2 lines under the previous code?

If you copied the whole Code, I don't know :'-( why it won't all paste! I wish I could help, but wanted to be sure someone got back with you this holiday weekend. (If you're from another country, it's "Labor Day" this weekend so many are on vacation or out of town.

Not me, though!!! Oh no! I have 10 cats and MUST stay home! lol

I hope someone comes to give you the information you need soon!!


~ Tiny D.

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Who's Feeling Silly > We need friends!

Tiny Dancer

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Oh my goodiness,

Lookz like u haves lots of fwendss now.... we has 10 in our family, it might make your friendz list explode!

Hugz and has fun wit nu fwends!

~ Tiny D.

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Cats and a Clean Home > Litter Boxes ( Yes, size matters)
Tiny Dancer

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Oh man, yeah!

I became a live-in pet-sitter (for only 1.5 years is all I could take) and their cats, along with having giardia, coccidia, etc., etc. and pooping all over their floors (they had to rip their carpets up and live with their floor as cement). They had TWO kitty litterboxes for 9 cats AND they had them pushed together. There was no room for them to move! They even used the large Tidy Cats thingies for litter boxes a few times.

I would say "no, no, no", but they would not listen. Even when I pointed 4 of their cats needed immediate vet care, and others needed vet care for less serious issues. They wouldn't listen; 3 of their cats died while I was there and I could not take that. Dogs pooped on floor, too, and sick. Toxic environment.

ME? I use 5 super jumbo boxes so they can walk around in their and have room to cover (and splash outside of the boxes, of course) and I clean them 2x/day for 10 cats. I have a permit by Animal Services and during their surprise visits they always ask if someone let me know they were coming, or ask where the litter boxes are - no smell (except RIGHT after Chief Red Cloud poops.. MAN!!!!!!! (But I had him fecal checked and bloodwork and he just happens to have the stinkiest poop in the world.

Having an air purifier, like "The Breeze" is helpful during cleaning.

Yeah, I agree with abovu-wuva. GREAT point to bring up!!

Give them room to go . . . and they will go.

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Grooming > OMG - Furminator - endless process or what???

Tiny Dancer

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I use the Furminator sparingly. And when I use it (on my gang 'o 10), I use it lightly and not "dig in" at all as that will pull hair out from its roots.

It's tempting, though - seems as if you're getting all the shedding - hey, that rhymed! shock done when you're putting the Furminator all the way to the skin... it's just irritating the skin.

Just a light, over-the-top type of furminating is the best. You'll still get endless fur, but be sure to never get all the way down to the skin; not necessary and will, indeed, pull hair out from the roots.

Seriously (from experience) and mommy being Red Cross certified in dog and cat first aid,

~ Tiny D. big hug

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Catster Crushes > the random thread

Tiny Dancer

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Purred: Mon Jul 25, '11 11:19am PST 

My name is Tiny Dancer and I'm looking for a girlfriend with Radial Hypoplasia like me. [Hi Tiny Dancer, from the crowd]

I have had "the surgery" so there will be no "you know what" going on.

It would be nice to have someone to play lightly with, to snuggle and nap often with.

Color doesn't matter. I am very orange and white on the tummy. Mom calls me "The Baker Man" because when I stand on my hiney legs, I have the white bib. She also calls me "her boyfriend", but it's a term of endearment; she was so glad she found me and loves me so much, but wants me to be happy with a snuggle-girlfriend - someone I can meow with, tell secrets to, always be on each other's side, stuff like that.

I can take it slow, too.

If there are no other Radial Hypoplasia cats on Catster (sniff), then any severely disabled beloved female I would love to meet. I hope this doesn't come off as prejudiced against totally healthy cats, but I know how hard it is to find a girlfriend; and only 1 sister and 1 brother SOMEtimes play with me.

I can play! I can roll the ball around in the circle thingy, I use the scratch post- even with 2 twisty arms (and a short twisted tail which twists under (a lot of work for mommy to keep me trimmed back there!).

That's all it is.

I love everybody! (Except sometimes my brother, Chief Red Cloud, but I'm trying 'cause mommy wants us to all get along and have fun, but not ever hurt each other or be angry. She's a good teacher!)


~ Tiny D.

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Contests and Vote For Me! > Please Vote for Me! :-D

Tiny Dancer

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Hi there,

I have no idea what people would be voting for me for, but it would be fun to be voted for.

I'm a handicat with Radial Hypoplasia. Mommy saved me from certain death from another foster's home who was neglecting me and the emergency doctor said mommy should turn her in. You wouldn't believe all the sicknesses I had and the severe neglect.

But since I came home, I make mommy very happy and she loves me so much that I know she will care for me for the rest of her life... the rest of our lives.

I'm a very good boy; I can do things other cats cannot do, my twisty arms (and stubby-tail that bends under) are beautiful. Mommy always kisses my paws and arms, telling me I'm her boyfriend and how beautiful I am.

And!!! Aren't I so handsome? happy dance

I hope someone votes for me for something - my mommy, who is already proud of me might just burst out in tears of happiness!

I love you all, and promise a human in every pot if elected! puppy


~ Tiny D.
p.s. If you want to know more about my condition, feel free to reply and mommy will tell you all about it and how welll I get along, and the couple things to watch out for; but us Radial Hypoplasia cats can do anything and the ones that are in the shelters; mommy (and me) highly recommend adopting because we are very special!

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