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Laws & Legislation > Low income/unemployed people and pets


Purred: Mon Apr 11, '11 11:23am PST 
I've read though the posts and from what I can see almost everyone is in agreement that you shouldn't have more pets then you can afford no matter what income you are and you should care for your pets. Agreed
I just don't like the blanket statement of some people who say that low income people shouldn't have pets because it's a luxury. I'd consider a pet more along the lines of a necessity, especially if your life isn't going well. My animals are the reason I get up in the morning and make me think about someone other then myself, they comfort me when I'm sick and I'll let you know when things where extremely bad for us and we lost our electricity for 2 weeks playing with our cats and dogs was our entertainment. You can have hours of entertainment with a cat, a flashlight and a paper bag.
They are well fed and well cared for and the people who say low income shouldn't have pets are living under the assumption that if they didn't have pets the low income people would get back on their feet and wouldn't be poor anymore. laugh out loud Seriously, that's not the case.
The problem with the statement of "Low Income people shouldn't have pets" is that there is only two options when in fact it's full of shades of gray.

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