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Purred: Sun Oct 3, '10 12:22am PST 
Am I a bombay??? I have all the characteristics... black shiny short coat, beautiful voice, black paw pads and whiskers, and I have the personality for it too! I am very attached to my mom and I follow her everywhere! I love car rides too! I love to rub on everything too, and I don't really get along with other cats, they just don't get how awesome I am and that I should be the dominant one. I am fairly sure I am a mutt, especially since I was a rescue. The only features that don't really fit would be the fact that I have BIG yellow eyes, but they aren't really 'copper' and my face is a little long to really fit the breed profile, but my mom thinks that is because I am a boy... Even if I am not a bombay, I am still an awesome cat!

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