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Sugar Mae

Black- Pearl,
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relieved My Nommie was in same purrdic-ament with me , I was declawed, lived outside under a R.V. trailer for about 4-5 yrs. it took noms awhile of bringing me in and not letting me out until she wanted too or I got ready to eat noms before she would let me out, I bellowed alot and she would hold me & tell me it was O.k.When I did go outside with my feral defender Morso he was 14 & I was 8, she made an insulated cat house with a bed & would put a wet towel in our bed, we were hot & we really liked it in. She put ice cubes & some gatorade in our water.(Don't know how she got the gators in there shrug And she also would bring us in and wipe us down with a wet cloth. WE cats do not pant to keep cool like a dog, we sweat through our feet we don't have some kind of regulator Noms says. I no longer want anything to do with outside it took her about 4 mos. straight of bringing me in but I would not go outside now for anything cuz someone cut my toes off & I can't climb or defend myself & my feet hurt a lot outside it's much softer inside.BE VIGILANT & you can make this cat an inside cat were it belongs.If you need any pointers on how to deal with declawed cats & how to make life easier inside, Noms says let her know & she will give you some pointers what ever they are.Purrs to you.kitty

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