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I am so sorry for your loss. My old friend Louis went to that Rainbow Bridge place too a while ago and I could not find him either. I was very sad and I would not eat. I spent 2 days just lying on his blanket in the crate where he had been hanging out a lot recently. My human cried so much.
Even when they live a long time, it is still so hard to have them go.
but Lola's spirit still exists and you will see her again someday.

~ ~ Fly free, Lola ~ ~

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Food & Nutrition > Treats(Freeze Dried)?

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We LOVE Bravo Bonus Bites freeze dried venison liver treats!

They also make a dry roasted venison liver version that Chatri likes but the rest of us don't like that kind as much. The dry roasted kind is sort of like a brittle jerky. Chatri loves that stuff! but I usually won't eat it. I hold out for the freeze dried ones.

Oooh another kind we love is Fresh is Best freeze dried duck hearts.

and Whole Life has some pretty good chicken or turkey treats.

Maybe you will like some of those?

Agree with the recommendation of catinfo.org for great info on feline nutrition from Lisa Pierson, DVM.

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