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Nunguni- (Nooni)

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Hi there, not sure there are any avenues left we haven't exhausted but here goes... our Korat, now 16, has had asthma all her life and gets 'depo' shots on regular basis which relieves the coughing etc.
Recently, though, she developed very labored breathing.
First a bloodwork didn't find the problem - but X-ray did.
Nooni is less than 5 lbs., but has a large air sac, a bola, in her chest cavity, pushing her lungs out of place.
The vet surgeon's estimate is nearly $4,000 - and due to a bankruptcy 2.5 years ago, CareCredit says no. And due to the diagnosis already being made, the pet insurance firms of course say no too.
Doc says she's not in pain, but we are, watching her try to breathe. If we were in 'nothing they can do' land, or she was definitely in pain, it'd be easier to make some hard choices. It'd also be easier if it were, say, $500-$1K but ... wow, nearly $4,000!
She's definitely mommy's girl, but my wife signed up under our other, big clown cat Salem's name (I still think functional trumps cute and folks shouldn't have to sign up here under their cat's names. But I digress...)
Other than pulling a holdup (heh, I'm the schmuck who'd get caught), are there any other options than just watching her suffer? Too bad vets don't do occasional 'pro bono' work like lawyers. I'm a reporter but pulling THAT string would leave ME with labored breathing over the guiltconfused
Another vet told us that due to her age it'd be too risky for them to even try what the surgeon proposes.
Oh well, I guess if nothing else I ask for prayers for Nooni, and for us as we try to figure out what to do. Thank you all.
Barney Lerten --Bend, Oregon

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Korat > She never peed on bed before ... now every day!
Nunguni- (Nooni)

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In same spot! I've posted a query for answers, but figure to try wherever however.
All started, we think, when American Nutrition stopped making our litter, Natural Harmony.
Our 6-year-old Maine Coon Salem has adjusted fine, it appears, to the ExquisiCat paper fragrance-free pellets. Much darker, but works as well if not better.
Nooni, our 14-year-old Korat, however, about same time began peeing on bed, once a day - no where else. Not every day to start, but now is.
Took her to vet to see if anything else going on (seemed to be walking a bit odd) and found a bacterial infection, gave her a shot a week ago.
In recent days, though, it's up to once a day. Having to close the door to a room they enjoyed lazing and sunning in the window for before.
Deb, my wife, is tired of daily sheets laundry. Only advice to vet is: Come back in for a $$$ re-check. Uh, no. So we found Catster!
Any clues folks?

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