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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Making people aware of the truth in the way The Humane Society of Mb. Treats owners of beloved pets

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I appreciate ur response but I am in canada .Regardless of wher these ppl are it doesnt change the fact they r cold human beings,masquerading as animal lovers.

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Making people aware of the truth in the way The Humane Society of Mb. Treats owners of beloved pets

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I lost my beloved cat Rreoww one week ago. I can't imagine life without her . I miss her so much. My little guy is here with me and he can't figure out where she is.
I am not just dealing with grieving but also the terrible, cold,mean way that she and I were treated.
I callef the Humane Society for help because I just finished school and started a new job and did not have money to pay but I knew she had to be seen by a vet. I explained to the girl who answered, my situation and before I could catch my breath, she stated that I would have to, surrrender my beloved cat, sign a paper, and there was no guarantee that I,would get her back . I was dumbfounded and told her that was such a cold way to tell someone whose pet was ill and I needed help.
I asked to speak to someone else that had some compassion and heart because she was very cold and she had her textbook policies down but had no heart. She carried on and seemed to enjoy my pain that I was expressing. I finaly hung up and talked to someone else. The woman them suggested that I try and scrape the money together to take my girl to the vet which I did. I have spent thousands of dollars and would spend thousands more to help my babies , I just didn't have it at this time. While at school in November, I had taken both to tthe Humane Society for a check up anf I didnt have to surrender or sign papers and when I called the CEO, Bill Mcdonald, he was very rude, very unprofessiional and when I asked him what he thought some of the donations were to be used for, he told me in a very sarcastic voice,it was not for peoples pets to be taken care of! I was extremely shocked , for many animal lovers donate large amounts of money and in some cases , they will their entire fortunes to the Humane Society and it was common sense that their wishes would be for the care of peoples beloved pets, not just his CEO paycheck.
In the 2 weeks that this all transpired, I have encountered 4 very cold, power hungry and money hungry individuals, that are supposedly in the business of «caring for animals » . God help the poor animals , and their owners that are in their way!
Then to,add salt to my wound , the girl that I has originally talked to, caled the Animal Protection and I recieved a visit from a overbearing , judgdmental officer that treatef me like a criminal when all I wanted was help from the agency. I believe the girl had malicious intent for sending him to see me because I spoke my mind to her.i have recieved no explanation, nothing for the stress they put me through. I want it be investigated.
The vet would not let me see my beloved Rreoww for the last time because I had no money to pay the vet bill and I cannot recieve her ashes until it is paid in full, no payments..
I am severly distressed and am having a terrible time coping with everything plus the ,Protection officer has given me a short time to get my little.boys dental done . He said he's too shinny. I explained he was always small, eats all the time and is gererally healthy. He is 14 and still runs around like a kitten.
,I'm so stressed, and worried that he will try and take my baby.
I feel,he pressured me into having Rreoww put down. I know she was sick but it all comes down to the almighty dollar. He even told me that the Vet is a business in the end.
I M having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that these people that take an oath to care for animals actually care more about money than saving animals. Its a terrible realization.
I hope no one else ever has to go through this which is why I decided to make this page, to make people aware of this paticular Humame Society and others that I'm sure exist.
Pleaxe share any stories you may have and maybe we can band together to help other pet lovers.frown

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