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Grooming > Long fur, mats, suddenly having problems, HELP!

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I wouldn't scissor up any long haired cat as there skin is so delicate loose and stretchy it can easily blend right into a matt, making it look like just the mat when in fact their skin is mixed in there. I have heard many stories of people accidentally cutting their cats skin. If they mat up very easily it is a good idea to just get them shaved down about every 3 or 4 months depending on how fast they grow or mat again. I will sometimes cut out a few matts on my Persians but I am very careful, and I make sure I first have a metal greyhound comb between the skin and matt, then I cut just over the scissors, once the matt is cut short you usually can break it up and comb the rest out. You usually will use a metal comb on a cat to make sure you are getting all the way to the skin, as a brush will just go over the top of the coat leaving undercoat still underneath it that matts up.

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