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Thanks for the help! The dander eased up after a week or so. I think it was just the change from inconsistent food to consistent. For other reasons we switch to puina cat food. We can't afford to do all wet food, the cost is just way to high. He does get it as treats though. =) Thanks again for the help.

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Choosing the Right Cat > Adopting a kitty for Apartment dwellers

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Thank you for all the help everyone. We did adopt the kitty, though he has a slight mischievous streak (I expected that), He is absolutely great at listening, once I make it clear what is expected of him. If he does anything undesirable, usually it's because he hasn't figured out I'm not ok with it yet. I got a lot of help from the workers at animal control, they said moving in is fine, just so long as we are there with him. They also said he'd prefer being alone then with 30 other cats, so we'd be doing him a favor.

He like's it here, I swear he purred for 24 hours straight after getting home. Also, he didn't mind the new things coming into the apartment to explore cloud 9

He's been good with not scratching too much, he should have his own post soon. I'm not sure when to clip his nails... he doesn't mind me touching his paws, and did relatively well with his first bath too =) I almost wonder if bath toys could make that more fun for him.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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Home Prepared Food & Recipes > Foods to help with dander and digestion

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Hi everyone, we adopted a kitty last week. My vet said he doesn't have a bad dander problem, but he has flakes all over when I brush him.

We are feeding him friskies food, we really can't completely alter his diet (because of budget), but I'd like to know if I can add some people food to help balance out what he may be missing.

I have heard eggs (raw) can help dogs with dander, so I'm wondering if there is anything similar for cats.

If you have recipes or websites to reference that'ed be great! (His vet was not helpful at all, she said "the food he's eating is fine, some more expensive brands may help with the dander, or they may not")

He has also had the runs since coming home. The Animal control said it's normal because of the food switch, but I'd like to help him if I can.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Choosing the Right Cat > Adopting a kitty for Apartment dwellers

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kitty Hello all, my husband and I will be adopting a cat as soon as we move to our new bigger and all around nicer apartment. I was hoping for some suggestions before bringing fluffy home =)

First off we checked out the humane society the other day (big...mistake?) We walked out wanting to adopt about 9 cats! T_T And I (my hubby is known to be the family cat lover) fell in love with a fluffy black prince!

I'm hoping my favorite cat is still there after we move (signing the lease this week)

Ok so here is where I need your help... my favorite kitty (due to his overt love and affection) is half medium hair cat and half Sphynx! He is 2 years old, and though he seems curious and playful, he didn't seem too high energy.

To the Sphynx owners out there... kitty Would he appreciate apartment living?

Things to be considered...

We have a balcony on the 3ed floor. I have looked up ways to cat proof it (child netting and cat H shaped harness with SHORT Leash) IF we take him out.

He has claws... we wanted to remove them, so he cant claw at the screen and fall =( but its highly unpleasant (for him) and really expensive.

Any advice about clipping nails?

We will be in between moving for a few weeks, should we hold off on adopting him (they wont hold cats for you) or just stay with him a few nights a week? (but obviously check on him every day)

I have very slight allergies, he didn't seem to bother my allergies when we visited (and I walked away with half his kitty fur on my coat) But it may mean frequent baths.

Any suggestions for getting an older kitty acclimated to baths?

I have a lot of medical equipment (I have a lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis) My Dr did btw ok getting a kitty wink

How do you discipline your cat, to keep them off tables and not playing with medical stuff (I keep mine in a closed cabinet).

Are there good alternatives to the tried and true Water Bottle? I don't want to associate water with discipline (because of bath-time)

I will likely be home a lot, so he would have someone to keep him company. He didn't seem to get along well with other cats, so the idea of having another to keep him company if I do get a more consistent job doesn't make sense.

cat on moon Thank you for all your help and suggestions!

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