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I'm new. Was looking at what it said about Siamese - not good for children...??!! NOT TRUE! I had a blue point siamese Sugar - got her when I was in about 6th grade. She slept with me, played with me, trusted me having her on her back cradled on my lap, even tried to follow me to school!!

My brother also had a siamese - once he hit the house from school and said anything on his way up the stairs, Gabby was hot on his trail to be with her human daddy!

As an adult, I had seal point siamese Max for ~16 years before having to have him put to sleep because of his kidney failure...1st time the vet met us, she said he was a "typical Mama's boy" - lol!! She even asked if she could hold him after I was done crying when she put him to sleep - she loved him even tho he growled and hissed through the exams ( ;

Now I have a gray cat/part tabby and a little girl that looks like a small seal point siamese that has more of a muzzle, bigger cheeks than most apple heads, and a coat longer than siamese but not quite himalayan.

God bless you all ( :


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