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HI Emma, Is she a kitten(6 months or less)? when a kitten climbs up your legs she doesnt know shes scratching you. shes just trying to get your attention and get close to you. She/he is playing. and as for scratching your eye... she was probably playing too. your eyelids open and close and any movement is a toy for a kitten. I believe all my kittens "batted" my eye lids when they were little. the best thing to do if they climb up your leg is put them back on floor gently and say no in a firm voice till they learn (remember she/hes a baby so it will take a while)or pick them up before they start climbing. as for batting your careful when she gets that close and distract her/him with a toy.

BUT the first and best thing to do is keep their nails trimmed! a baby kittens nails grow fast so if you dont distract her quickly enough the next time she playfully bats your eyelid... you will get a furry paw instead. Just remember shes a baby and they teeth and scratch as a part of learning. if the behavior continues after she/hes 6 months or so (not an exact science smileask your vet for some advice. Enjoy your new family member !

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