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Food & Nutrition > Difference between regular and hairball formula?

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So, I asked someone to get my cats some canned food, and of course they got the wrong thing. Same brand (Chicken Soup), but in "hairball" formula.

Is there any reason not to feed it to my cats anyway?

One of them has a sensitive bladder and once had a urinary blockage. I'm always afraid to give him anything new.

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Food & Nutrition > Cat food budget decisions...

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Since you mentioned you would like to feed all wet, I thought I would suggest Grandma Lucy's. This is a freeze-dried food that is grain-free, no mystery meat or by-products, made in the USA, and all the ingredients are things you would eat yourself. It looks like mashed potatoes with chunks of chicken and stuff in it, and you just add hot water to re-hydrate it. It's kind of like The Honest Kitchen.

In terms of price, it is less expensive than mid-priced canned foods, especially if you tried to match the quality of the ingredients. Obviously it's more expensive than the cheap supermarket brands, but if quality matters you wouldn't be comparing to a supermarket brand.

It took a while to get the cats used to the food. I had to mix other canned food into it for a long time.

This is how I can afford to feed my four cats. I don't think I could afford to feed them their all-wet diet otherwise (they also eat Chicken Soup, and for a treat Tiki and Spot's Stew). I mean, Chicken Soup isn't that expensive, but I can't afford 5-6 cans a day, you know?

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Food & Nutrition > chicken soup

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In feed my cats this, but not exclusively. I used to feed them the dry food, but last year I switched to all-wet, so now I only feed them the canned food.

I agree the ingredients are decent and that is my main reason for choosing this food. It's also not very expensive. It's basically in the middle between the ones full of by-products and mystery meat and the really expensive food. Probably not the best choice out there, but much better than something like Friskies.

The cats like it. The wet food is a little too thick, so I add water to it.

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Food & Nutrition > Cat Grass

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I bought a 5 pound bag of seeds on Amazon for $12, and grow it in big tubs on the balcony. They love the stuff. I just cut some every day and give it to them in a dish. They go crazy over it.

For people who can't grow their own, check your local grocery store's salad isle. My local Safeway started stocking wheat grass, and it's a whole lot cheaper than the same thing at the pet store. At the pet store a tub goes for almost $5, at Safeway the same size tub is about $1. I bet it's fresher, too, since it's for people! So that could be an option.

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