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I have a siamese mix 10 month old kitten. while he is a great bundle of fuzzy cuteness he is also a mess to clean up after! first he made an insane mess in the bathroom with the litter box and while I know he was a kitten the mess was abnormal even for a kitten. all over the floor, toilet, sink, tub, not only on the toilet but in the toilet. So being that he made such a mess, I decided to start useing the litter kwitter. the first stage went well w/ the red stage. now he is on the amber stage and peeing on the kwitter and pooing in the tub. we tried filling it with water which kept him from pooing in the tub, but now he is useing the floor next to the toilet. I ordered the inbeteween stage but am currently waiting on it to get here. does anybody have any suggestions on how to get him to use the litter kwitter properly?

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