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Cats and a Clean Home > Litter tracks arond the house making my husband nuts. HELP!!!

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I've tried fresh step but my husband hated the smell of it. I've tried yesterdays news but he hated that too. We then bought a whole new litter system which used a pellet and a tray underneath where the urine collects on a pad but since my youngest cat has loose bowel it did not work for us. Angel would shake her hiny when she got out of the box and feces would go everywhere, sticking to her paws and tracking it around the house. Angel has been on Rx food and meds but with little change in her bowels. Plus my older cat Jeronimo lifts his tail so high when peeing that the urine would fly over the litter box and down the wall. Needless to say that system did not work. We are currently using a litter that is more like saw dust and the cats are no longer making a mess of the feces but the litter is tracked everywhere, from one side of the house to the other. Please Help!

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