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Hi, my cat Oliver did this once about 3 or 4 years ago. He sleeps with us, and I woke in the middle of the night because the bed was wet next to my side where he was laying. It was definitely wet and definitely urine, no mistaking it. He was about 6 years old at the time and neutered. As he had never wet the bed before I took him to the vet first thing the next morning. They treated him for a bladder infection, if I remember correctly, and he has not had it happen again thus far, just one incidence of a blockage last year. Hopefully nothing serious with Dobby, as well, and maybe hubby was mistaken after all.

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Food & Nutrition > hair loss and weight loss on Hill's c/d

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Hi, thanks everyone for the responses! Update on Oliver: I took him back to his regular vet (who was out of town at time of original issue/blockage etc). The vet found he had a fungal infection and bacterial infection, he was given antibiotics, anti-fungal, anti-itch, allergy shot. The vet told me to put him on a good quality grain-free canned food, he recommended Blue Buffalo, and also to give him only distilled water.

After finishing the round of meds and switching the foods, Oliver was doing well, his hair was coming back in and he was looking really good. Then about a month or so ago, same thing again, big bald spots again. Plus he was throwing up frequently sometimes undigested food so he added an anti-vomit med (which works wonders!!) The only other thing I could think that might be causing this was the use of the Tidy Cat Breeze litter system, just because the stool lays on top of the pellets so even after scooping it out some of the remaining pellets probably have some on it, the pee drains down to a pad underneath; so I thought maybe this system begins to become unsanitary and he was catching something from the litter box. I changed back to the classic litter box with clumping litter for now and he has finished the round of meds and so far seems to be doing well. If the litter box is not the culprit, then maybe it is just allergies or stress, or I am just destined to have a bald cat. :/

He is still eating Blue Buffalo canned, and some Earthborn Holistics canned. I have Blue Buffalo dry for if we have to be gone but otherwise, he gets canned. So far no more blockages either since that first time, so hopefully I made the right decision taking him off the SD...

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Food & Nutrition > hair loss and weight loss on Hill's c/d

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My 9 year old house cat, Oliver, has always been fed Wellness Indoor, Wellness Core, and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover brands both dry and canned, with occasional Earthborn and Halo as well. About a month ago I came home for lunch one day and noticed him going repeatedly to the litter box, straining, and there was some blood on the pad (I use the Tidy Cat Breeze box). So I immediately took him to the vet.

He was in the hospital for 3 days, which was very traumatic for him. He had to be tranquilized, catheterized, etc, they said they did not find any stones but there were crystals and a lot of sediment. The vet of course placed him on the Prescription Hill's c/d dry, I asked for canned also because he has always gotten dry food freely and canned food 2-3 times a day about a spoonful or two at a time. The vet did not seem thrilled for me to take the canned, told me to make sure he eats the dry. He will eat the dry fine, and does not vomit nearly as much with this food, BUT he is steadily losing more and more hair. Almost all of the hair from the insides of his back legs, underneath his tail, and on his belly is gone and now he is losing hair on his sides and back as well. I am afraid he is going bald! I called the vet and told her I thought he was allergic to the grains in the food, as he has been on grain-free his whole life, but she told me she felt that is unlikely and that probably he is losing the hair due to the stress factor of being hospitalized and to keep him on the Hill's and not to worry, the hair would grow back.

Well I have given it a couple more weeks and he is just losing more hair and looking thinner to me. He has always had a beautiful shiny black coat, never any skin or hair issues with the foods I have fed him. I am torn what to do. We did move over the summer, for the first time in his life, and have had several people coming and going in the new house, some stayed with us a few weeks at a time, and one stayed for 6 whole weeks, which all would have been stressful enough to him to have contributed to the crystals in the first place, combined with insufficient water during the hot summer maybe?

So, do I go against the vet and take him off the Hill's, put him on canned only, or wait it out knowing that the crystals could come back on the RX diet anyway, there is no guarantee... Thank you for any advice!

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