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Hi! I'm a new kitty on the block and I was hoping someone has some advice smile

My baby Saber has had some problems with anal glands and crystals over the years. I've had to take him in twice to have his glands expressed, and then just this week he had to spend the night at the kitty doctor because he has a crystalline blockage in his urinary tract. Doc cleared the blockage and gave antibiotics, Saber has to go for the last shot of those today.

Doc asked what kind of food I have him on. He had previously recommended something with higher fiber to help keep the anal glands in good shape. I have been feeding Saber, and his little step-brother Sox, Special Kitty indoor because of the fiber content, since I switched them to this, no anal gland problems in either kitty. Doc informed me that the majority of cats he's seen recently for crystalline blockages and other urinary problems were on Special Kitty food. He recommends finding a new food for my boys, but here's the problem... They're both picky eaters. They both prefer dry food, but there are many brands they won't touch. And I want to stay with the higher fiber to prevent anal gland issues in the future. My biggest problem is that I am on a very tight budget, the Special Kitty was only costing me about $8 for a 7 pound bag, and that lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Can anyone recommend some good dry food that won't cost an arm and a leg? I've been trying to find some but I'm getting sticker shock here.. Please help shrug

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