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Behavior & Training > Cats Urinating in the House *Last Options*

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Thanks for the replies!

I have taken the cat to the vet to get it checked not that long ago it's very healthy. I have also tried moving the litter boxes and it still seems to be happening. The other cat doesn't do it anymore I think with her it was just a thing she did out of instinct but now it is just the main cat that i originally had the problem with doing it.

I have also tried a few sprays i will look into more of the suggestions that you guys have given. i have tried another new spray so we will see how it goes in the meantime. Thanks again here is hoping!

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Behavior & Training > Cats Urinating in the House *Last Options*

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I have a problem with my cats right now urinating in the house. This is a last ditch effort before I end up getting rid of the cats.

A little back story first. Someone we knew had a cat and they treated it awful to the point where we offered to take the cat off her hands as she was about to put it outside and let it go.

The cat use to hide behind the couch and pee there in her place because she had two large dogs and it was afraid to come out and use the litter or eat. She put down towels and it would pee on that.Of course this became habit which is a problem.

Now we like cats and have had them our whole lives in fact we had two who are perfectly fine but when we brought in this cat it started peeing everywhere and at the time we didn't know of the habits it had, on clothes, towels, our one couch to the point where we had to throw out 3000.00 worth of couches because it was so constant it ruined them.

Now our other cat is peeing as well and she never did before, it is probably a territorial thing but it cannot happen. We have tried everything at this point we have separate litters for them (always clean), anxiety drops, sprays and whatever else is out there but it just keeps happening to the point where it is starting to destroy our place and it is embarrassing to the point where I won't bring anyone here.

I don't know what else to do at this point and am considering getting rid of them which I do not want to do but they started on the other couch and we put down plastic covers but they just go on that.

Any suggestions at this point will help because I am tired and stressed over this that I am almost fed up of trying to deal with it because it is making me completely miserable around here let alone costing me alot of money.

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