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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone had personal experience introducing a kitten to a dog. My dog is a 20 pound shiba inu who is extremely friendly and fun loving. He has never shown any agression to any animal. I brought him to my friend's home (has a cat and a dog) and he interacted with the cat well.

I am worried that he will be too friendly at first and scare my new kitten. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with this?

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Russian Blue > Russian Blue NYC Breeder

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I have a few questions regarding russian blues

1) Can anyone recommend a certified breeder in or near the NYC area? Neighboring states are fine too.

2) What kinds of questions should I ask the breeder when I speak to them?

3) What shady business practices should I be aware of when speaking to the breeder?

4) Have you found that Russian Blue cats have less allergens compared to other cats?

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