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Other Meows & Purrs > trapping feral mom cat and her 4 kittens

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this was a long process with mom escaping on us once-we were able to get the kittens and two are being adopted out-this past Friday i was able to trap mom-she was spayed on Sat.and had her in my shed to recover-then on Sunday one of the kittens were being picked up for adoption as we went down the stairs the tray in cage slid and kitten go loose -he went towards by backyard and that is where they normally all were -so i put out a kitten trap and some food and his litter box to see if he would come back -he did and was able to trap him again-the strange part of this story is that the mom cat was in her trap recovering since Saturday afternoon- had fed her and gave her water -and checked on her again Sunday and did the same with water and food -trap was closed and we double checked the locks.
Sunday night when her kitten go loose we went to look in on her and my kids said she isnt in her trap-she is gray it was dark so we got a flashlight and she wasnt there!I know she got herslef free knowing her baby was out there dont know how she did it,but that night when we caught the kitten she was in the bushes watching us-so they had been together -hated to take it away from her again she is a good mom but they are now almost 10 weeks old and i know it is for the best

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > missing mom cat and 4 kittens

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One morning i woke up looked out my back window and a mom cat and her kittens were laying on my lawn chair and they were nursing-they were also able to get under my shed to hide-i put out food and water which mom gobbled down and so did the kittens,the kittens were getting use to me and when they heard me shake the food bowl would watch me put the food down.they slept in my bushes on hot days and one night the mom and one babie slept on the shed step-i dont know what happened but i saw them in my next door neighbors yard(not a good thing) and tried to lure them back in my yard- the mom cat could hop the fence she ran over and ate two of the kittens tried to come over the fence but they couldnt, mom cat was still nursing the smallest of the litter-then she took off with them and hasnt been back yet-i have left food out but cant tell who is eating it(other cats in area) -i have broken a hole in my wooden fence so they could get in the bottom but still nothing-i dont know what scared her and if she suddenly felt unsafe but to see two of the little kittens try to get back over here broke my heart since they are wild i couldnt just go grab them.i recently saw the mom come out on a street one block over from mine no kittens but plenty of solitude and hiding places but with no food and water-would anyone guess that when the kittens are more grown there is a chance they will make it back here and eat? i had a trapper and adoption all ready for them was even thinking of taking one myself-not sure if the mom cat didnt like us getting to get so close to babies-though we never touched them.
I have two dogs that dont use the yards the cats were in one is elderly that can hardly walk so iam taking care of her but do miss the kittens alot-anyone with any opinion on why they would leave food and water would be appreciated.

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