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Home Prepared Food & Recipes > Home made cat food!!! Beginner! Help!

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I just answered these concerns for myself, so I can relate!

Raw vs Cooked. I decided that I would transition slowly. So I started with cooked. Maybe some day I will cook the chicken thighs less and less. Besides, I use my hands to mix the vitamins and bone meal in.

Dr. Peirson at has a great easy recipe for raw and cooked. She would rather you do raw though. If you don't want to grind bones, you can use bone meal. She would rather you grind the bone though. So after I'm used to making cat food, I may buy a grinder. It's really easy to get the supplements she recommends. She tells you exactly what to buy, even the brands.

I have 18 rescue cats of all ages. The first day, I set only the homemade out for everybody in the morning, when they are the most hungry. Some took to it right away, but there was a lot of circling and sniffing for some. At night they had their choice of canned or homemade, so nobody went without food. Did that for a while until all except one was sold on homemade. Nobody had a problem with their tummies.

I did have one kibble-head. I put her in the bathroom with her kibble so the others wouldn't get at it. I put a dab of homemade on her dish, to get her used to the smell. Then, every morning, when she was very hungry, I would gently put a very small amount into her mouth with lots of pets and love. Finally I remembered FortaFlora. I love this stuff! Dr Peirson talks about it. That's what really worked. FurFur is eating entirely homemade or canned now. No dry!! Now, I have to get her to eat with the others in the kitchen.

I alternate homemade with canned in case something happens to me. I want them to be happy no matter what.

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