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I come from a long line of cat owners. I was forced to leave my three kitties at home with my parents went I went away to university. Now I have a beagle and he's my pride and joy but I find myself missing my cats still.

So i'm looking for a new cat to bring into our lives. I'd rather not get another dog (shhhshh)

So i was wonder if anyone could suggest any breeds of cats that do well with dogs. Size isn't really an issue for me but i'd perfer a regular cat not one of those fancy exotic breeds like bangles or what not. (While they're nice i live in an apartment).

Jake has a dogster page under Mr. Jake the Beagle If you'd like to see his page to get some information about him. He's a pretty chill dog now a days and he understands cats. He's been home to meet my older cats many times over the last year i've owned him. He insists on engaging my 15lb male cat into play and gets himself hissed at every time but he reacts to my cats "Go away" with play! and puppy bows and rolls over. Usually my cats just walk off.

But anyway i'd like to get a cat and would like some breed recommendations. Dogster was good with some information about how to mix cats and dogs. If anyone lives with both i'd like your recomendations.


Jake's Mother.

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