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Well it seems that I've been picked by a cat. LOL. We found this little guy today in our apt complex and he is definitely a house cat. He is black and white and I'm guessing round the 10 to 9 month mark since he still acts like a kitten and is fix ( I checked before bringing him into the house since hubby has a female kitty and we don't want kittens) I could use a bit of advice though on how to get him to easily gain a bit of weight since he is skinny and stuff. If we can't find owners ( we put up a notice on the bulletin board ) and Kitty doesn't have a micro chip ( since a few here do have outside cats that re micro chipped, fixed and well fed) he is litter box trained too. *sigh* I do hope that if he has owners we find them but I doubt that he does. On Thursday if the vet ( we have a appointment for our pup) can't find a micro chip we are probably going to keep him.

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