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Twenty years ago we met a one day old rescue kitty. He was with a lady that did rescue and was going to be our kitty as soon as he was old enough. We visited almost every day and helped feed him. A few weeks went by and another litter was brought in. A brother and sister both grey (blue) a few weeks old. The little girl wanted milk so I picked her up and she rolled on her back and ate until she fell to sleep in my arms. The rescue lady walked in and did a double take "Is that the girl??? She never does that!" Then the oddest thing popped out of my mouth "that's because she'd my cat." So we ended up with 2 kittens.

Kuma just celebrated her 20th Birthday. Aside from occasional bladder spasms she has been blessed with excellent health. She has fostered many kittens. Her latest being 2 Sphynx. She has been the Queen of my little cat "pride" for 17 years. She is a wonderful and beautiful cat.

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