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Ocicat > Stray cat that I took in. Pure Ocicat? .

Salvador- Dali

food? where? !
Purred: Sun Mar 14, '10 6:11pm PST 
ah, yes, I also, took in a very very Intelligent socially needing my affection cat, always under my feet!! He has melted spots on him and a black stripe on his back.. . He appears to be very Ocicat markings, but I think it is only appearances. I've actually seen at least five other cats in the neighborhood with similar markings. DARN. I thought we were onto something.

Either way, He's super special. He's even human toilet trained! : )

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Choosing the Right Cat > Young cat wanted in MI
Leo - ->RIP

Leo, Good Kitty
Purred: Sun Jul 13, '08 3:54am PST 
Oh! What beautiful kitties you have in IL!!! Aw!!!

Yes, I have heard of that website! It's wonderful! I'm looking for a Siberian Husky through rescue on that website! My husky loved the country too much (and the near by older kids) So, I don't know if can convince her to come to the city. (city? who likes the city?! yucky! Maybe we will join her in the country!!!) So, Meanwhile, I keep checking Petfinder for a new husky. (to add to my other husky) I wouldn't mind having two huskies to keep each other company. They like to be outside and visit inside 50% time or less. So, it would be nice if the dogs could get along with the kitties. but. We can work something out.

My biggest problem is that we don't have a car (yet.) in the city!!! I don't really need a car. We have a bus here. But it does make getting to IL rather difficult. (not impossible, but... really difficult!) I have friends who have cars (and accept gas $ bribes) for a ride. But, I don't know if I can convince them to go all the way to IL for a mere cat. Darn it!!!!!!!!!!! I may get a car soon. (other reasons for that! I want to visit family and friends that do not live on the bus route in the city!) So, please, please, PLEASE keep in contact with me!!!!!!

I can't have more than 2 cats with 2 (outside/in) dogs! I don't live in a barn! (which is too bad, because I really like barns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I really only want one cat/kitten. (only because I heard it's easier to train young ones... but any cat that is willing to learn... is possible...)

Here's a great link, if anyone is interested!

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Choosing the Right Cat > Young cat wanted in MI

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Leo, Good Kitty
Purred: Fri Jul 11, '08 7:05am PST 
We would like a smart cat . Can you please help us? We want to attempt to toilet train the kitty.

Yes, I can accept defeat. Trust me, as long as the kitty will go make kitty messes in her kitty box, we will get along great! !!

I have a 12 mo. old human baby and (hopefully soon) a Siberian Husky Dog. We can close the baby's door (with a latch/lock) to keep the cat out of her room at night. Yes, I will watch the baby every second! I will not take my eyes off her! Interaction between pets and small kids always needs to be supervised! I know! I have done this before!! (human baby #2.)

I have had cats all my life.

Do you have any links or suggestions? that could lead to an adoption?

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Local Tips, Playdates & Meetups > I would like to adopt a cat in MI

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Leo, Good Kitty
Purred: Thu Jul 10, '08 7:41am PST 
We may also have a dog soon. (I have a Siberian husky, but she was enjoying her visit to the country too much. I don't think she wants to be a city dog! aw! who can blame her? maybe we will move back to the country!)

We also have a 12month old human baby. So, I would like a cat that gets a long with a dog and a human kid. (We do have doors in the house, so, we can temporarily block of portions of it! This is essential so baby can sleep with the bedroom door shut & latched, locked, without fear of the cat.) I would like a smart* cat that can get along OK with Dogs and kids. Leo passed away in 2005, so this new cat would be an ONLY cat. We don't live in a barn here. (too bad. I like barns!)

*silly cats are fun too... but I was going to try to find a smart cat. I want to attempt to toilet train the cat... as I am a stay at home mommy... I have lots of spare time to try this! I want to TRY this challenge of potty training the kitty.

Also, I can accept defeat! As long as the kitty uses her kitty box for her toilet and not my floor, we will get along just fine!

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Behavior & Training > Toilet Training

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Leo, Good Kitty
Purred: Thu Jul 10, '08 3:58am PST
That's a great link! wow! has anybody tried this?! I would love to ATTEMPT this kitty toilet training! has anybody been successful with toilet training their cat?

Yes, I would accept defeat! As long as the kitty goes in her kitty litter box and not on my floor, I will be the happiest person in the world! I will not have an animal leaving little kitty messes on my floor! yikes! Please don't call me a bad person! I just can NOT deal with that! and I LOVE cats and dogs! I LOVE animals! I'm mostly vegan, for gosh sakes! It's not that I can't clean messes, I have changed human diapers! click on Leo's profile, he used to .. . uh... have a different sort of mess! and we lived through that! but....

OK. SO. has anyone had any success with this?

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Behavior & Training > Urinating in the hallway and driving Mommy crazy!
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Leo, Good Kitty
Purred: Thu Jul 10, '08 3:51am PST 
off topic too... LOL if your mommy thought it was hard to get a kitty urine sample, how about a human baby "sample"???? how can you make an active 10month old baby sit still and... uh... make a sample ????!

(well. apparently, the Drs give you a plastic baggie with tape on the top... that will not stay in place!!) Luckily, the baby was old enough to attempt to sit on the kiddie potty toilet.... by the time we got THAT sample, her possible UTI was GONE !!! (maybe because we kept giving her cranberry juice!!!) there was a really great website about curing human UTIs...

Also, I saw a website about getting a doggie "sample"! you make some sort of stick (with a handle for you) go near the doggie's target area and point it down to a disposable tin pan! who knew!? (it would totally not work for cats, though ,huh?) I never had to test this theory out on my doggie!

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