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Cat Health > Danger for cats who have just had children?


Purred: Sat Nov 15, '08 9:57pm PST 
I give my mothers supplimental milk from the vet during and after pregnacy. I give it to them until she weens the kits.

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Home Prepared Food & Recipes > Simple Start??? Help!!!

Two Tone
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I grind rice cooked in chicken stock, with cooked chicken breast, add pease and carrots. It gives them the protien, vitamins, and starch that they need. I then mix it in with their dry can food so they have a balanced meal. I do this every two days. When I first started to do this their stool was runny for two to three days then all went well. It is a little bit of work, I think it is worth the effort.

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Burmese > Am I a Burmese?


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I have had many burmese cats both male and female. They tend to have green to yellow eyes and the male have full faces and the females slinder faces. I feel that they are the most loving of the the breeds that I have had. My Bug is burmese. She isn't vocal but very active. They tend to suckle on the human that they claim. They are also very loyal to that human. I am surly her pet.

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