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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Dealing with a loss
Olive (March 1998 - November 2

Olive I LOVE- Olive
Purred: Sun May 17, '15 2:46pm PST 
Time and being allowed to cry and grieve. Some people think you are odd for crying over a lost pet, not people here we love our babies! Make sure she knows it's OK to cry and talk and grieve about the loss with you. It takes time, months but then I can talk about my loss without so many tears and recall the good, cute things. Knowing my heart is so full of love for cats, when I feel ready (and no hurry) I foster or adopt another one. Nothing to take the place of, but rather to show my love for those I've lost. To me adopting another is the ultimate show of love for the ones who have left. ((((Blessing))))

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Trying to help Very small Feral Non-Profit in Madison, Ohio!
Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Wed May 15, '13 6:23pm PST 
I learned about Holy Cat Whiskers and their mission to shelter feral cats, fix them and try to find them good homes.

As an owner of 4 older rescued or adopted cats I'm determined to try and raise funds for them and have made an Incredible Queen sized quilt that has nearly 1500 pieces in it.

For as little as $10.00 you can join in donating to this group (100% of the money WILL go to them), and for every $10 - you get 1 ticket into a drawing to win this quilt.

When I lost two of our older babies last year, it was heartbreaking but we still have 4 ages 17 down to 8! If I can't "help" by adopting another one, this is my way of saying Thank you Catster for Loving our Cats like we do, and Thank you for helping raise awareness of the plight of Feral cats everywhere.

Here is where the Fund-Raiser is located and many Purrs ch

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > We are struggling

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Mon Jun 15, '09 3:21am PST 
Is Cash back home now??

A few tips - I never put a "new" kitty into my house WITH my other cats - they start in a spare bedroom or bathroom for 2 weeks at least - first in case they "have" something (normally it's URI from being at a shelter or from the stress of their new home)...

I also have a towel rolled up so the cats can ALMOST smell each other, but not quiet get to each other... Slowly introducing them helps them work through some "issues" early on.

Second - Six months minimum!!! That is what I tell adoptive meow parents! When you put cats in your home with someone already there - wait a minimum of 6 months! You will see a great change then, and again 2 years after they have been together it becomes a life-time changing event.

All our paws crossed for Cash to get back home healthy!!!!

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Cats & Travel > my kittens cry in car.

Sandy Baby- aka Sandia

I wanted to LIVE
Purred: Mon Jun 15, '09 3:11am PST 
Try taking them on car trips NOT to the vet all the time! The longer you drive, the quieter they get - uh oh - we are past the "vet" trip!

We drive across the country 8 months a year with our (now SIX) cats! 3 LOVE it - or "tolerate it"... 1 really loves it as long as she has her carrier's door open and she is with ME, she doesn't care WHERE or how long we go laugh out loud

One growls at me when it's time to move again - she will ONLY travel in her "cube" so into that she goes and doesn't make another sound.

The two "new" girls we got before this years journey - turned 11 April 1st... had NO idea what they had gotten into being adopted by us LOL! I heard them talk for the FIRST time in the car! But they now also after about 1 hour of driving, settle down, pick a spot and go into what I lovingly call - Cat Zombie travel mode hehehe They just zone out and snooze the day away as the highway flys by. No drugs needed!

This is our 8th year on the "road" and I promise you, if you drive PAST the normal "vet trip" and get on the highway, within a hour MOST cats will be very good at traveling without drugs, or driving you crazy "talking" or "yelling" at you LOL

NONE like the stop and go of "in town" driving and prefer the long highway trips - and ohhhh they said to tell everyone.....

NEVER EVER take that Scenic road again - all the curves, the up and downs - the only thing "scenic" thing you'll see is the mess to clean up!!

Lucky Streak and Sandy Sandia were on the road from almost the time we got them as kittens... THEY are the best two as long as they know it's not JUST to the vet visit...

So do take them more often on car trips and vary where you go - Highway for sure but for an hour or so... and they will get used to car travel quicker as kitties!

I also pick up their food (not the water ever)... but the food around midnight before our travel day - helps to keep the yacking to a minor incident during longer trips

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Choosing the Right Cat > Male or Female. What Do You Prefer?


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Mon Jun 15, '09 2:57am PST 
Crazy traveling Cat Lady with SIX cats now big laugh

We have 5 girls and 1 boy! Previously (the 3 that all passed within a few years - it was 2 boys, 1 girl)...

Bonnie - adopted at 10 - now 14 and the "Queen" of the house LOVES treats from the table (bad previous meowmom taught her and HUBBY reinforces it shock ) very laid back, BATH MAT sized cat and very loving. Loves to sit or lay NEXT to people, but NOT a lap cat - she is a Norweign Forest

Olive - adopted at 7 now 11 - Didn't come from a good home situation. Though I call her Olive, I love Olive she still has periods of acting like she was previously abused :-( She really is a sweet, talky Tortie that can only take so much love before she has to get away from it! Hides in a cube most days, comes out at night for "Daddy" walk me to my food dish time, and Meow Mom pets and purrs.

Dora - adopted at 10 turned 11 April 1. Once she got over the grief of losing her other Meow Mom has sucked right up on me laugh out loud
She would spend 24/7 on my lap, laying on my pillow next to my head and snuggling with me IF she could! Loves to be brushed, Loves to be LOVED! Chocolate Point or Seal Point Himalyian Simease

KC (Dora's sister) - adopted at 10 turned 11 April 1. Loves to be brushed, BUT is more stand-off-ish than her sister Dora. Neither are the "talky, whiney Himalyian Siamese type TY Lord"! KC has found LOVE with her Meow Dad and lays on his chest for her pets (HEY someone has to choose HIM over Meow Mom!!!! wave )

Lucky Streak - I'm the ONLY BOY cat! Rescued at 5 months, now almost 7 - One big lug of 20 pounds of loving budda belly! Snores like a real MAN (learned from his meow dad??).

Went after Dora and KC at first, but someone had to put them in the pecking order so I guess HE was the "dude"?? VERY laid back but the only one that WILL attempt to sneak out the door if you don't have eagle eyes on him! Was a previous semi-feral so perhaps why he attempts escapes, or eats himself silly sometimes - Can be petted too much then he'll "gnaw" on your hand... Silly boy kitty I'm a black and white short-haired something.

Sandy Sandia - Rescued at 10 weeks, she lived near death for almost 6 months. wave MY birthday was TODAY!!! I turned 4 BIG years old! AND I'm the MOST loving cat my meow mom has EVER had cheer
I'm a talky checkerboard, Monet Painting colored kitty and I LOVE LOVE pets, giving kisses, laying on laps, and chasing ALL the "old" cats to stir them up now and then laugh out loud Meow Mom thinks I'm the most loving because she saved my life, and I saved her life (oh I let her save me cuz she NEEDED another kitty and didn't know it).

So BIG paws up for GIRLS here! I tell you - Forget the coverter box and T.V.!! With 6 cats that travel and live with us in our 5th wheel - it's never a dull moment and THEY are more fun to watch than anything on the "boob tube" laugh out loud

So, depends on personality (which changes almost every 6 months it seems hahaha) - and perhaps some has to do with their upbringing and/or their Breed.

I've found tortie's are "talkers", Calico cats have CAT-A-Tude, Black and Whites are Laid Back, etc... Then again, I always thought Siamese were "whiney, talkers" and the 2 we recently fostered (MMAO) then adopted, open their mouths and NOTHING comes out - They ONLY "talk" in a tiny Squeek of a voice in the car, Cuz then they have something to SAY laugh out loud

Love them all!

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Best way to adopt out feral kittens??
Sandia Sandy

Lucky 2B Alive
Purred: Mon Jun 15, '09 2:18am PST 
All terrific ideas! I wouldn't describe these as "feral" at all - Feral cats are ones that have never had human contact - I trap them and do TNR work on them... Semi-Ferals are the ones that live or have come IN contact with people (like the ones living around your apt complex)... and those kitties will kiss up to you in no time at all!

When I've had a cat or two that I needed help placing, Get with a good no-kill rescue group in your area and OFFER to Foster these kittens FOR THEM while they in return will get them Vet care and then when the time is right, let you bring them to whever they have their cats on adoption days... That will give you time to keep them and help make them human friendly and adoptable AND get them the spaying/neutering/shots etc...

IF you say I can FOSTER these stray kittens I found if your group can help me find homes for them -- you MOST likely will get into a rescue group smile and these kitties will be better off -- They will screen the people who adopt them and find better homes!

*Purrs* and paws crossed for these 2 very blessed kitties to be found by YOU!

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Catster Railroad > Need help transporting two cats from Shelter in Albuq., NM to another shelter in Albuq.

Sandy Baby- aka Sandia

I wanted to LIVE
Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 12:33am PST 
Hey there... Albuquerque East (or West Shelter) are NOT no-kill shelters!! Is your friend aware of this????

Also the Animal Humane is NOT a total - no-kill, though IF they have room and you can "pet" the animals - they will take them in for alot longer than either of the 2 Albuquerque Shelters...

Guess I'm not sure which shelter you are going to head for - but I have some great friends living in Albuq... give me a heads up and we'll see what we can do.

There are many No-Kill groups in town - CARMA - ACAT - ANEW etc... if they have the room a MUCH better option than any kill shelter - Have you checked into any of those rescue groups?

Meows and Purrsss and hope it all goes well!!

My meow mom found me when she was trapping in Albuquerque - hence my name for the nearby mountains - the Sandia Mountains - though she usually calls me Sandy Baby, Her Pretty Girl, and Gods gift - *These names are reserved for ME* so I make sure she isn't calling all these other Girls in our house that - n o no no!!

laugh out loud

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Cat Health > Opinions on flea prevention

Dora (April 1998 - January 201

Intact Claw- WoooMan!
Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 12:22am PST 
We all moved to Revolution too - though we don't go outside AT all! Since it also takes care of a few intestinal bugs, fleas, flea larva, etc... (and your vet can call in the script - or have PetMeds do it for you), they ship for free and it's much cheaper than our vets!!

hehhe I hear ya!! Sandy aka Sandia baby gives whisker kisses, can sit pretty as can be and knows how to shake and give high *5's*... but when I break the cap on her Revolution, I almost have to SIT on her - it's like a wild feral !!!

The other's just don't like the "medicine" smell - and all hiss about each other for that day, then get OVER it hehehe

The "new" girls Dora and KC came with Brewers Yeast with a touch of garlic to sprinkle on their food. OhMyGosh that makes everyone want to eat whatever food it's on, and CHOW down - so Meow Mom was worried we would all get even bigger laugh out loud so currently that is on the "back burner" -- but doing web research as I think that was something that also helped with fleas... maybe not all the other great things Revolution does - and now with 6 of us "kids" - the cost may make Meow Mom do some internet searching and reading of her own to find something as good for less?? LOL

Will keep on eye on this to see who else chimes in about what they find they like too!

Purrs and Meows

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Cat Health > How long can a cat go without peeing? What's normal?

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 12:13am PST 
OHH Meow Mom is so right! I love the spots and strips and the every so cute "M" on it's head!!! hmm a M males name?

Aww BooBoo you will come to LOVE "it" we are sure!! Our meow mom uses the 6 month rule of thumb on cats that are over 1 year old... By six months you two will be GREAT friends and then another BIG leap of faith will happen after the 2nd year your new friend is still there.

We LOVE that your got an already declawed cat - he wasn't feral at all, just what our Meow Mom calls a hard - stray :-( How sad his previous folks gave UP looking for him!!!

We all think "It" is just handsome as can be and look forward to the naming!! hehehe Maybe Bathmat Bonnie and our Chunky Monkey Lucky Streak can come over and help protect IT from BooBoo should the need arise ;-)


Congratulations IT and BooBoo!!! WTG Meow Mom

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Cats & Travel > Moving Your Cats

Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Thu Apr 16, '09 1:20am PST 
Oh you may learn to LOVE to travel in your RV when you get one smile

We have a 5th wheel, so dad drives the noisy truck pulling it, and Meow Mom drives SIX of us in her SUV with a guard gate behind the front seats - the whole back end is just for US cheer

Last year there were only 4 of us but we went on a 5 day trip from Arizona to northern Ohio. Meow mom and dad take us traveling with them for 8 months every year, so we have our routines down pat!

Food is picked up by midnight before travel day and to our suprise, the same "hotel" is there every night waiting for us to go into hehehehe

We only get good wet food during travel (after we stop for the night), because it has a higher water content, and -- excuse me for typing this -- but picking up pukey chunks Meow Mom says is nastier then wiping up wet food slime laugh out loud and the extra water content ensures we don't get too dehydrated during traveling. We also have alot of little towels to change out in case someone does get sick - But by using the steps for us very well traveled kitties, we rarely hurl anymore applause

1 of us sometimes will get a little "salt" looking white on the nose - this means either we need more water or keep the vehicle cooler so we don't overheat -- sunshades are good for keeping that hot sun off our carriers!

We go into what Meow Mom calls "Zombie" mode after the 1st hour of our long trips and have a kitty box for emergencies in the back of her SUV. After we get into sleepy mode, Meow Mom opens the doors to our carriers, but we are still shut behind the guard gate and use our carriers to nap in. It is like we have one BIG "crate" to be able to stretch out and snore away the miles if we want to leave our carriers and sleep on the temperpetic pad they bought to add softness to the back end -- YES we are spoiled traveling cats!

OHH for RV person - Meow Mom said to tell you (or anyone doing kitty traveling) - We like it better if we leave home the first day around noon, thank you very much smile

Since this seems to be our "natural" sleepy time at home, it's easier to get us into our carriers (now SIX), and she uses bungie cords to hold our carriers down to the bottom of the back end of the SUV (there are notches she uses in our TrailBlazer's back end).

Tips from the Cat Traveling Gang...

Kay Cee
Lucky Streak
Sandy Baby

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