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Cats and a Clean Home > Vacuum cleaners

will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sun Apr 24, '11 8:45am PST 
to those thinking about a dyson,mum used to work as a cleaner before retiring and one of the regular rants she had from jobs was about dysons; she said they were useless and refused to get one even when they were on offer and their hoover was broken [by the way, not speaking in 'third person' by the use of mum here-refering to human mum]laugh out loud

perhaps trying hoovers out first woud help? have had a google and apparently hoover hire is quite big business so might be worth a look in if dont want to risk buying an expensive hoover.

dont even have a clue what mums hoover brand is,she also uses a carpet sweeper which is actually very useful plus doesnt cost anything in electricity.

am living in a building which is almost completely wooden flooring so we mostly do brushing and mopping which is easy enough. hamster dance

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Laws & Legislation > Low income/unemployed people and pets

will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sun Apr 24, '11 8:22am PST 
people are not thinking fairly or rationally enough when suggesting low income people shoudnt have pets.
it isnt that we shoudnt have pets,but that people on low incomes shoud always make sure they have more than enough cash available to hand incase of emergencies.
-there are people on low incomes who get pet after pet after pet, and they are completely irresponsible,giving us all a bad name,but there is also the completely legitimate side of pet owning with owners who make sure to be responsible.

there are many people who go on the yahoo answers site for example, saying they have got a pet with x accute injury or y accute illness, but cant afford to take them to the vet-so want to know what their options are,am amazed at these guys who take on pets with so little income with nothing saved to pay for possible vets fees,its sickening to be honest,because not getting treatment through cost woud be seen as neglect and suffering in humans.

am one of those folks stereotyped under the low income bracket,am severely disabled and in residential care and as a result of being in care the UK government disallows most benefits,only recieving DLA [high rate mobility] and the lowest basic level of income support.
despite that,can afford a cat,lottie on our petting farm who gets the best treatment,food,love,care etc,woud not allow self to even think of getting a pet if was not able to afford them; emergency and future wise, unfortunately a lot of people think selfishly and only about what they want at that moment,not of the pets long term needs and what may happen suddenly or in the future [ie,diabetes].

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Cat Health > a very difficult decision?


dont need no- pedigree to be- posh
Purred: Sat Jul 24, '10 5:25pm PST 
sorry,didnt know which board to put this on-havent been logged on since early last year so feeling quite confused on here right now.

am wondering if anyone can help with a difficult decision,as have got no idea how this one can be dealt with?

a beautiful,very friendly tabby boy decided to take up residence with us,possibly last year-as do not have a memory of when he arrived.
had named him tom tom,here is his page for full info:

he wasnt in a good state when he first arrived,and he was very clearly un neutured/had big balls? [sorry dont know the words for it].

mum and dad both had very strong suspicions that tom has got a human before us,and that it woud be wrong for them to take tom for a neuturing,because of what they may be accused of if they found out and also because they think the other human shoud be taking responsibility because theyre allowing a tom to roam.

tom has these very accute stages where he will jump on biscuit and goldie,well shoud say attempt to because both our girls here woudnt allow it,he also starts spraying the house very strongly,including all the bags/rucksack/stuff that am bringing home at the weekend when visiting[which lottie has rubbed against],and he has also managed to spray biscuit.
dad picks him up as soon as he sees him getting into target practice and quickly brings him outside.

am wondering what can be done,seeing as mum/dad do not know who coud possibly be humans to him,he has a huge territory as dad has seen him go all over the place,and he is unfolloweable.
he is such a friendly sociable cat when he isnt in one of his 'accute modes' [is this what is called on heat?]
and it isnt fair on him to keep him hormonally unstable like this,as well as being unfair to all the kittens that get born out of human stupidity from lack of neuturing as well-we have free and reduced cost neuturing here so there is no excuse.
they do not look after him whoever it is,he has come to us quite recently with a largeish scar on the back of him from scrapping,the owner had not taken him to the vet for that but dad got him special cream.

how do we solve this issue as the owner if there is one,clearly doesnt look after him? am willing to pay for his neuturing,and mum and dad are willing to take him if they cannot get into trouble for it.

am severely disabled,and live far away,so cannot sort anything out apart from at the weekends.

hope this has made some sense,as feeling tired,thanks for reading if have managed it. kitty

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Cat Health > No Voice


dont need no- pedigree to be- posh
Purred: Sat Jul 24, '10 4:48pm PST 
has he had a check up for oral or throat cancer,which causes change or loss of voice?
there is a type that is supposed to be badly detected-called squamous cell carcinoma,sam had developed this after the tumours around her organs became advanced,her voice had become squeaky and then went mute,had read about the poor diagnosis levels of SCC in a page about it in the cats protection magazine-the cat,this year,not trying to cause un necessary fear,but its always worth getting the life threatening stuff eliminated at least if hes not had this all checked already.

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Cat Health > Please do whatever you can to keep your cat\'s teeth healthy.......


dont need no- pedigree to be- posh
Purred: Sat Jul 24, '10 4:32pm PST 
coudnt agree more!
people often will not know there are any major problems till their cats breath becomes extra pongy,stop eating, or they start acting different as well in reaction to the pain.
biscuit had quite a few out this year,and she isnt an old cat,or a dry/biscuit fan despite her name.

there is special cat mouth wash that can be added to their water,but have never tried this,did try looking for this 'over the counter' in vetinary surgeries but coudnt find it anywhere without lottie having to be brought in.
sam used to have logic oral gel [think thats what it was called-a kitty tooth paste the vet had prescribed] on her teeth,but she was to clever to just lick up a random blob of it and it looked like...well,something watery and brown.

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Catster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Meet Oscar, the adorable bionic pet cat

dont need no- pedigree to be- posh
Purred: Sat Jul 24, '10 4:18pm PST 
if remember correctly,oscar has now got the permenent false legs fitted,as the first ones were just duct taped on,he went through so much and came through he shoud be given the animal medal for bravery.

it is great that vets are bothering to save our pets in this way,instead of just automatically PTS,online have seen a horse with a false leg fitted and a swan with a false beak fitted [it had been shot at by kids],if only they coud make this standard practice,though am guessing the reality of it woud be high cost.
maybe there shoud be a world fund set up for pets like oscar to get the same chance he did,as coudnt bear to think of another animal being PTS over something fixable with a mobility aid.

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Get Well Soon > How can this be happening?


winner of 2008- dribbling- championship
Purred: Sat Jan 31, '09 12:56pm PST 
Sorry if have put this on wrong board,didn't want to put this on the WITTSG board because am refusing to believe this is happening.
and,sorry for long post...always end up doing this.

Yesterday morning [friday],Smudge:
was given the final gift of life and was PTS,she was seventeen [nineteen in profile as her vet said on friday her real age],her human and some staff went with her [we live in a residential home].
The day before she had been diagnosed as having advanced kidney failiure and anaemia.
Am not her real human,and have only known her for just over a year since moving in,but had grown a strong friendship with her.

Am autistic and struggle to understand death,it doesn't feel like she is dead-only not seeing her outside the home,wasn't allowed to go,to go through the process of seeing and feeling her after she had been PTS which is the only way am able to understand a death though it really explodes with shockwaves having to watch it.

So this happening is one thing,but when support staff drove am to stay at mums/dads for the weekend as usual,they said they had some bad news to tell-that Sams' got quite advanced cancer and it cannot be operated on>sams profile:

Why this now? she was diagnosed the day before Smudge and they even share the same vet lady.
In her younger years,Sam has fought cancer a few times and won,she's also had non cancerous growths unremoveable-one on her head and one on her chin,she had severe diabetes which was uncontrollable for a while as well as neuropathy in her back legs from the diabetes-yet none of those got her PTS,she's about the same age as Smudge,and have been owned by her since she was a kitten.

Is cancer genetic?
her sister-Blackie [no profile,she died before joined catster] died at thirteen from being PTS due to cancer though there's a photo of her with Sam in Sams profile.

They're saying it's a matter of weeks or less when she will have to go,wish her tumour could be operated on,wish age wasn't a risk to stop her from having the removal,it's not fair on her having gone through so much with diabetes then to get this.
How does this fate happen to two beautiful unrelated cats around the same day?

does anyone recommend taking Sam for some Reiki sessions [think have spelt that right?] am know of a good place nearby that does kitty reiki and wanted to get Blackie it but she died before knew this other place existed.
Am know the lady that does it,she is very good with animals and used to work for the RSPCA,but have no idea whether it would be of any relief to Sam or not.
Though am not the mum of Sam,sister isn't that bothered with her anymore as she has younger furr-children,so am willing to pay for all the sessions if it would do her any good.

Emma [well it isn't GFB,he can't type].kitty

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Behavior & Training > Pawing


winner of 2008- dribbling- championship
Purred: Sun Jan 18, '09 5:19pm PST 
sorry do not have any good advice to add,but recommend having a look at this short animation:
as it may seem all too familar.

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Food & Nutrition > May I Gently Point Out. . .


winner of 2008- dribbling- championship
Purred: Wed Jan 7, '09 6:03pm PST 
have ever had a look at ebay or zooplus for the foods that are not available in local area?

they're good for some difficult-to-find-unless-go-out-of-area brands over here,like Applaws,but often require box or bulk buy of the same flavour rather than mixed.

good point.
it's noticible that most [if not all?] users on catster are so dedicated to their whiskery friend and cats in general,that they will naturally,advocate having the very best of everything where possible,and there is the few who maybe do not realise or stop to think about the differences in budgets.

The main thing that matters is that cats get a good/filling meal,fresh water and a safe,loving,clean and uncramped warm home,top brands do not have to come into it.

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > People are so cruel

winner of 2008- dribbling- championship
Purred: Wed Dec 24, '08 7:00am PST 
Gohan will have gone to RB very quickly and will never have to meet such evil sorry excuses for human beings again,hope whoever took his physical life away,get their punishment [eg,karma],they don't deserve anything else but misery for what they have done.

How can humans call a lot of non human species pests when it has to be the worst,most knowingly violent and evil species of all [of course catsters and others are completely different].

Rest in peace Gohan,are in a lot of good company at RB.

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