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Cat Health > My girl has tumors. My heart is being stomped on!

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My baby girl has had labored breathing for about two months. We took her in yesterday to discover that she was full of, what my vet called "kile". Milky bloody substance associated with infection. Since she is strickly indoors he's not sure why that kind of fluid was there. We saw her x-ray before and could barely see ribs and NONE of her organs except the space left for her to breathe. Small. He couldn't drain much, he kept hitting something blocking the fluid. X-ray showed outlines of intestines but he couldn't find her heart at all. He, and we, saw outlines of something else. He believes to be tumors. He's been in practice over 30 years and I've been going to him since I was 4 years old. I trust him. He said they could send the fluid off but they never get much results for the money. I could do something else for $250 but he's positive its tumors. Quite possibly cancer. But b/c of her blood pressure no surgery she could survive. I'm at a loss. I've had her since I was 12. I'm so upset. The vet said she won't survive surgery b/c of her blood pressure. Cortison might help but in his 30 plus years it just delays time but not by much.
Best that we keep an eye out for a few tell tell signs that it's time to let her go.
That is such a hard decision to make.
I'm having a hard time making it.


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I totally agree!applause

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I am so sorry to hear this. Reading that makes me cry. As much as mommy's parental unit dad hated cats he would never have considered taking them away. Even when mommy brought me home 4 months before moving out for college he never once voiced something close to that. She didn't even tell her dad. she just brought me home. (3 cats at that point)
now mommy and my new daddy have 7!
I seriously hope you can get her back. that is very irresponsible. Especially if you are going to be taking them with you in a year and a half. whats the difference with that one kitten as opposed to the other? why that one?
i'm sorry. it makes me mad when parents are too weak to be the grown up. let us know what happens.

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me too. cry

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Burmese > Am I a Burmese?


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HI guys! My parents aren't sure if I am a Russian Blue or a Burmese or maybe mixed of one or the other. Can you help them? I am VERY vocal. very loud. I think they said that's one of the traits of the breeds....

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Cat Health > Destated..husband livid & cat spraying...

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It's obviously no medical if he's been given a clean bill of health.
My eldest boy has sprayed about 5 times in the last few years. He's very healthy and not dominate at all. Another cat is very dominate. So dominate that for the first year we had her, she would poop and pee all over the house. We moved. Then at the new place she'd just pee on her daddy's leather relciner or the fake leather couch. Our 6th cat didn't start peeing until we had her for over a year. She started peeing where ever Callie peed. which was mainly the fake couch at that point. Our 7th cat found one spot he liked to do that at. We tried puppy pads. he'd pee, then scrape it around making the pad a ball. then later pee again, which was obviously NOT on the pad. We moved again. this time with all 7 of them.

for the first 4 months everything was bliss. Then Callie started to pee every once in a while, never on the new couch but on a chair or a corner. Bobby ( the last cat) never peed again.
Indy, on the other hand, peed in every corner she could find. except for in our bedroom. She peed on every single step of the stairs, on both sides, all around the 4 litter boxes we had, EVERY WHERE!!! At one point i had to rip up the carpet of a spot she wouldn't leave alone. then covered the area with something to keep her away. We even kept the litter boxes as clean as possible. we tried to have a soothing voice and carry her to the litter box when we found her. we've tried water bottles, we've done lots of yelling. nothing.

we just moved again. in with the inlaws. they have a Min- Pin and NO CARPET.
No one has peed yet. smile it's been a month. smile we still have 3 litter boxes, and we clean them every other day and use arm and hammer litter deoderizer sprinkle stuff.
so far so good.
In my opinion, no matter how much you clean the carpet, they can smell it. and they will continue to pee. When we get a house, we will have all tile put down and all bedrooms closed at all times.
Just please please don't give them away.
I can't stand it when people give away their pet b/c of that. I once saw a cat at SPCA that was 10 years old and had had 15 different owners b/c of a "behavioral issue"
that is really sad. and pathetic. My cats are my children, i could never give up one of my kids.

My suggestion? Tile or lamenet wood floors. smile

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