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Food & Nutrition > Help! Having trouble putting weight on our rescue!

Louis- Quatorze- (1996-2012)

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Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 11:56pm PST 
Might want to try canned Wellness Chicken or Turkey which is high calorie, high protein & fat content.
plus leave out some of a similar kibble like the Wellness Core or Merrick's Before Grain or Innova Evo.
That's kind of like feeding kitten food since those are all life stages foods.

If you want to try some kitten food, a kitten food kibble that seems to be helpful to put weight on is Royal Canin Babycat.

and if this doesn't work, and your vet is sure there are not parasites, I would second the idea of a novel protein food like duck, rabbit or venison. I had IBD and the internal med vet suggested Natures Variety. I loved the venison. We got both raw and canned, and it helped me put some weight on.

If you keep having a problem with keeping weight on, then you may need to consider some more tests like for pancreatic enzyme insufficiency.
It's not bad to be a bit on the thin side - it's actually healthy -- but not so good if your ribs are all visible and your hipbones are sharply jutting out etc.
Hope you will get this solved!

With cats I always would be concerned about making sure they get enough moisture, since there have been studies that found that cats on a dry diet get only up to half the amount of water as cats on wet food, including both the content of the food and what they drank. Cats descend from wildcats in North Africa who evolved to get their water from their food (prey) and did not develop a strong thirst drive. So no matter what the other issues going on, I would want to have wet food as at least half of the diet, because its healthier in the long run for urinary tract and kidneys. ( I had a urethral blockage once when i was about 4 and it was NO fun! It was very painful and I could have died from it!)

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > LOLA HAS CROSSED TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE

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I am so sorry for your loss. My old friend Louis went to that Rainbow Bridge place too a while ago and I could not find him either. I was very sad and I would not eat. I spent 2 days just lying on his blanket in the crate where he had been hanging out a lot recently. My human cried so much.
Even when they live a long time, it is still so hard to have them go.
but Lola's spirit still exists and you will see her again someday.

~ ~ Fly free, Lola ~ ~

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Kitten Corner > What breed is my kitty ?


Something Wild
Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 10:17pm PST 
She looks gorgeous. As mentioned, very probably not a "breed" but a cat with a mix of genes from the random-bred cat population in the part of the world she is from. These cats are often called " domestic shorthairs" or affectionately known as " moggies", which means no particular breed and/or ancestry unknown.
These cats come in a wonderful variety of colors and patterns.

And your kitty has one of the most interesting and varied kinds!
There are 2 different names for it.
In CFA the name for her coloring is Patched Tabby and White.
In TICA, it's called Torbie and White. (Torbie = Tortoiseshell coloring plus a Tabby Pattern) So for example if you showed her as a Household Pet in TICA she would be listed in the show catalog as Torbie and White.

What that means is she has...
a gene for red pigment,
a gene for 'not red' , which defaults to black-based pigment,
a gene for Agouti which makes the tabby pattern show up,
AND a gene for White Spotting.

Re breeds, most cats aren't really breeds . It's a very different situation than with dogs, that have had much more human control over their reproduction. The pedigreed cats are only around 3% of owned cats. So there are also not a big percent of cats who have any recent purebred ancestors. Even with "mutt" dogs, if you could trace their ancestry you would usually find mostly ancestors of specific breeds or at least types of dogs who had been bred for certain jobs. But with most "moggy" cats, if you could trace their ancestry it would be almost all cats who were NOT bred by humans but have just bred randomly on their own over the centuries, and have a mix of genes from the general cat population in their part of the world.
Of course the breeds all originally came from random-bred cats. and the moggies are no less wonderful.

Your cat is just lovely!

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Food & Nutrition > Treats(Freeze Dried)?


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Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 9:28pm PST 
We LOVE Bravo Bonus Bites freeze dried venison liver treats!

They also make a dry roasted venison liver version that Chatri likes but the rest of us don't like that kind as much. The dry roasted kind is sort of like a brittle jerky. Chatri loves that stuff! but I usually won't eat it. I hold out for the freeze dried ones.

Oooh another kind we love is Fresh is Best freeze dried duck hearts.

and Whole Life has some pretty good chicken or turkey treats.

Maybe you will like some of those?

Agree with the recommendation of for great info on feline nutrition from Lisa Pierson, DVM.

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Grooming > Helping how to Choose Best Cat Litter

Louis- Quatorze- (1996-2012)

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we have been using Dr Elsey's here for a few years and it seems to work very well.
Dr Pierson wrote in the article about how Dr Elsey's at one time got more dusty for a while and turned out to be due to something in their machinery . So maybe when she was trying the WBCL there was also some temporary problem or one that only affected certain bags and some of them ended up wherever she bought it. But like she said there is none that is perfect, and they can vary between bags as far as how dusty.
That sure is a thorough article about litterboxes!

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Feral or stray? How can you tell?
Louis- Quatorze- (1996-2012)

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Purred: Fri Apr 20, '07 3:29pm PST 
Doh, i didn't read through all the posts to find you'd already trapped him. Have you talked to Tree House? They are great folks, a no-kill cat shelter and have had great success in socializing strays and ferals. Like all shelters they will have very little space so they will probably try to get you to foster the cat, but they will have suggestions for socializing him, may be able to provide medical care and will try to help get him adopted, and may be able to find another foster.

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Feral or stray? How can you tell?

Louis- Quatorze- (1996-2012)

le Roi du- Sommeil
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Feed every day at the same time for a couple weeks. Try to see if after a bit you could sit or kneel a ways away on the ground (so you are not towering over). Don't try to reach for her or make quick movements or loud noises but try talking quietly and gently. A shy stray cat may after this time eat with you nearby, and may respond to you vocally when you talk to her or when you bring the food, or may even decide to approach you. Feral cats will almost never meow to humans and will continue to run away. Even if she is feral, a young feral kitten may be socialized , and there are some people, like Tree House in Chicago, that have also had success socializing adult ferals.

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