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Get Well Soon > Too Many Kittens

La Reaux

Purred: Sun May 25, '08 9:59am PST 
My dear little ten month old cat La Reaux, or Roo Roo, as we call her, gave birth to eight, thats right, 8 kittens. One was grotesquely larger than the other seven, and was still born. And the runt was no bigger than an adults thumb. It fought to stay alive for two days, but did not make it. Now there are five healthy boys and one healthy girl. Mother nature has a way of fixing her mistakes i guess, knowing that a cat should have no more than six kittens at a time.

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > gone too soon

Purred: Thu Aug 2, '07 10:06am PST 
i crossed over to the bridge today. No one knows what happened. My mama thought i was my long lost brother Dante' reincarnated. She says that Dante' had to leave again. She feels so sad because this morning i wanted to come inside with her and nuzzle her, but she put me out instead. an hour or two later she found me just lying in the grass peacefully, not a mark on me, like my spirit, or Dante's just slipped away. Mom could use some purrs from all, she thought she had her dante' back in a new package, now i'm gone too.

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Bombay > Am I A Bombay Cat?


Diddle Kitty
Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 4:40pm PST 
I am a Bombay. My mom got me at a pet store too. I had no sign no label. , i was just a black kitten in a cage. upon having me a couple min the onths my mom realized i was no ordinary cat. I fetched my toys. I made up games that showed my imagination skills. I was very vocal with a different meow for every word. I meow mama, Maximus, out, and now. I stick my paw under doors and jiggle them when i want in. I'm leash trained. I wear clothes, pose for pictures. I roll my eyes when i'm mad. I knead and suck on my mama's t-shirts. I go to petsmart and ride in the buggy. I'm an excellent traveler. I choose which can of food i want in the mornings. So after looking up these traits along with my physical description of a minature panther she found out i was a bombay. Technically to be a bombay you have to have an absynnian and solid black american shorthair for parents. Strains of siamese, and burmese will also bring out the bombay in an offspring. However there are also sable colored bombays.

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