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Is it time to- eat yet?
Purred: Tue Sep 25, '07 4:21pm PST 
I keep looking out the door for my brother Bart, but he;s not going to come home. Mom gets all sad and looks like she's going to cry, and then she carries me around.

I miss Bart! frown

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Bombay > Am I A Bombay Cat?

Purred: Mon Aug 27, '07 12:35pm PST 
The most consistent judges of a Bombay are the body shape, the eyes, and the fur. They are breed to look like panthers. The body shape is very much like a Burmese, thick and very muscular. We are not tiny, dainty cats, but look (and act) like the athletes of the cat world. We are also taller than most American shorthairs, from the mixing of Burmese and AS. Eyes can be yellow, but are supposed to be copper-colored. Our faces are wide and expressive, and we have a bit of a thick muzzle like a Burmese. Our fur should be short and very shiny.

Because the breed is a mix between Burmese and AS, personalities can vary quite a bit, due to American Shorthairs having a more personality variety. We do tend to be very intelligent, and like to figure out things (like opening the doors). We also can be very affectionate with our families.

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