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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > I have a small rescue shelter but ..
Doodle Bug

Meow, meow, meow
Purred: Mon Jun 22, '09 5:19pm PST 

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Cat Health > Hyperthyroid cat, my baby, advice?
Tiny Tiger- (Mom Misses- U 09/0

No one can climb- like me!
Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 9:58pm PST 
Thank you both. I talked with my husband tonight and we are going to College Station, Texas tomorrow. We have a very, very good vet there named, Dr. Lara. She has the practice with 3 other good vets at the Kingdom Animal Hospital. Dr. Lara has been our vet for 15 years, even though we now live over 100 miles away, when we feel a fur baby is in need, we go to College Station (that's the Texas vet school, Texas A&M...we're former students).

You are very right about the kidney thing. That's the main factor in all this decision making. We've been giving Tiny, 100 of Lactated Ringers sub cu for the last 4 days now, every night since we noticed he was dehydrated. It has helped but not enough and we know that if he is to get better, we have to find out why he's been needing this fluid bolus.

It is going to be a lllllllllllllllllllooooooonnnnnng ride up tomorrow. Tiny Tiger is horrible in the car. He vomits, drools, poops and cries like you are killing him. When we vacated away from Hurricane Ike we had all our babies on tranqs. But I dare not do that with Tiny in this condition.

Please say a little prayer that we can find out what the problem is and that Tiny can live out a long life. He's been happy and loved since he was.... well... Tiny. smile He was the runt and has always had a 'peddle to the metal' attitude. I'm praying that attitude will do him good stead and I can take him back home in a few days, feeling better and happy once again.

God bless you for the responses. I went to the HyperT group but I don't see any new posts. I'll try again later. Thanks again.

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Cat Health > Hyperthyroid cat, my baby, advice?

Tiny Tiger- (Mom Misses- U 09/0

No one can climb- like me!
Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 5:21pm PST 
Meows to all. Several weeks ago my 'Tiny Tiger was diagnosised with hyperthyroidism and is currently taking tapazole. He was losing weight like crazy but had a hearty appetite at the time and I was hopeful.

Now 3 weeks out I took him back to the vet and he'd lost another pound. He has a kidney infection, which I'm treating with a sulfur drug. The vet said to feed, feed, feed, him.

His appetite had dropped. He's lethargic and on this past Friday I noticed he was dehydrated.

For the past 3 nights my husband and I have been giving Tiny Tiger, 100ccs sub-q fluids (2 days w/ 20 mlq of potassium in it, 1 day plain ringers). This has perked him up some and you can see his coat looks much improved but basically he isn't himself still.

It's straining my heart and I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with me that I can't seem to find the fight I once had. In the past I felt confident that with some extra special work on my part, I could bring him around. Now I have no confidence. I've prayed. I cry all the time. I watch Tiny like a hawk and in the mean time I have a house full of senior kitties that need me as well.

Can anyone here give me any reason to hope Tiny can come through this? I feel him slipping away and I can't plant my feet hard enough. It's too much, ya'll. Tiny isn't an old cat. He has outlived his 2 brothers, but his mom and sister are still with us. He's my computer bug, always wanting to be up in my lap for a tummy rub. Now, he sleeps in a corner.

Thanks for letting me write all this out. My husband has a job that requires him to be gone for 12-14hrs. a day. When he comes home, he's exhausted. I feel very alone in all this and my friends who don't have pets don't understand what this is like for me.

I just want my Tiny Tiger to get better. I want to have that feeling of hope that we've rounded the bend. All I have now is a huge knot in my throat and twisted guts.

I'm going to call the Vet again tomorrow (Monday -9th). This has GOT to get better because I don't think I can handle much more. I can't lose my Tiny Tiger, not yet, not now.

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > I still see her everywhere

Momma- Patches Over- The Rainbow

I Dare You Not- To Love Me
Purred: Mon Mar 2, '09 11:45pm PST 
cry Last week my husband and I took our beloved Momma Patches to the vet. I had not planned to say goodbye, or rather I wouldn't allow myself to consider this might be the end, but it was.

Patches was 16 and for all her life she had been remarkably healthy until this past 2 months. It started with weight loss, then chronic renal failure, high blood pressure...etc.

What gets me the most is how hard she tried to stay with us. I think she knew how much I depended on her. She was our little rock, always up beat, ready to lavish attention whenever you felt down. She was truly our 'spunky monkey.'

Good gosh I miss her. I can't open the bedroom door without thinking she will be running up to greet me. I can't turn on the water in the bathtub without expecting her to be at my side. She loved to drink the water as soon as it came out of the faucet. It was sort of our little thing.

I'm trying not to dwell, but I do, I see her in my mind's eye and I miss her very very much.

I know everyone on here understands. I needed to get it out.

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Miss My Miss Kitty

Momma- Patches Over- The Rainbow

I Dare You Not- To Love Me
Purred: Mon Mar 2, '09 11:35pm PST 
We had a Miss Kitty also. smile I'm so sorry to hear about your baby's passing. We have just lost our Momma Patches. Do not feel alone. Give yourself some time and above all be good to yourself in honor of her. She would want it that way.

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Cat Health > Kidney Problems, sorry if first post was blank
Beigee- (8-27-10) We- Miss U So

I was a velcro- patch in a- former life.
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 9:19pm PST 
Thank you all, so very much. You've given me some great names of foods. I will keep everyone up to date. Beigee is my lap tick and while he's only 9 yrs old, that is no where near old enough for me. smile

My friends here at catster have always been supportive. Thank you so much again.

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Cat Health > Kidney Problems, sorry if first post was blank

Beigee- (8-27-10) We- Miss U So

I was a velcro- patch in a- former life.
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 5:20pm PST 
My kitty Beigee has started losing weight. Went to the vet and she took tests for thyroid problems and kidney function. The creatine (sorry for spelling) levels were up somewhat, showing his kidneys aren't working as well as they could but we aren't in the disaster category yet either. No results back yet on thyroid function.

Beigee is nine yrs old. He's always been in good health until now. Our problem, he doesn't like Hill's KD. He likes dry food but he barely touches the KD dry or in a can. He wants his old food, which, of course, he isn't supposed to have.

Have any of you other kitty mom's used other prescription diets for kidney disease that your cat liked? If so, please give me some suggestions.

We have started giving Beigee under the skin fluids every other day to help him flush out his kidney's and I'm hoping that will be temporary. If we can get his diet fixed I think things will get better, he just has to eat the right stuff....if "Mr. Finiky" will eat it.

Any other experience with kidney problems and solutions would be appreciated. We've have crystals problems, eyes problems....etc. etc. etc. but this is our first case of kidney problems and a cat that won't eat the right food.

Thanks all.

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Cat Health > Help please! Max has crystals in his urine

Momma- Patches Over- The Rainbow

I Dare You Not- To Love Me
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 5:11pm PST 
Hi Max,
Since I'm a momma cat with lots of kittens under my belt I can tell you this.
1- drink as much water as you can, the running water fountain like the ones that are used for calming water sounds and sit on table tops are great. Nothing like drinking from flowing water.
2- if you don't want to drink water, try putting a little fish juice from an opened can of tuna packed in water. the taste and smell of the fish will sometimes make water taste better
3- you gotta change what you are eating. go with a cat food (vet prescription food ) that is created to help cats that have trouble with crystals.
4- watch for signs of no appetite and keep the litter box lined with newspapers for the mean time. that way you can see how much urine is passed and if there is blood in it. Keep those papers changed as often as possible.
5- watch for signs of squatting but nothing coming out or going to the potty for a while.
6- an acidic additive can help to reduce the formation of crystals, along with a change in diet.
7- along with change in diet --- which should help a lot -- a last resort is surgery which will turn Max into Maxine. Believe me, Max won't care what his equipment looks like as long as he doesn't have to worry about getting stopped up in the tinkle department.

I've had many kittens who have gone through what you are now dealing with. You are one of the best, because you have noticed it early but you have to be vigilant and keep on top of things. Max can still live a happy and productive life for many years to come, the only thing that has changed is you have to watch him a little closer than before.

All my best,
Momma Patches

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Cat Health > benadryl


Born a Runt With- a Genius Brain
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 5:00pm PST 
Childrens benydrl won't hurt but I agree with going for the Bach's Rescue Remedy, its herbal, safe and you can also take it to calm down. smile One of the worst things my human Mom says that people do is freak out and that translates to their pets. If my Mom stays calm, most of the time I can stay calm. I take my cues from her.

I hope this helps. Oh, Mom says to tell you that catnip tea also doesn't hurt.


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Kitten Corner > We have new rescued babies
Blackie In- Loving- Memory

Pucker Up Cause- Here I Come!
Purred: Wed Jul 25, '07 12:37am PST 
My family of 15 was down from 18. I lost my beloved Blackie in March of 07. And just when I thought I'd gotten most of my grief dealt with, I was surprised one night to see his picture and started crying all over again. I was sorely missing my only black cat and after the death of his brother and Miss Kitty, I didn't want to add anymore to the family.
That was 4 weeks ago.

2 days after my new crying session I went out into a parking lot at a very busy street and there were 3 black kittens under my car. At first I swore I wouldn't keep them but my husband said if we didn't take them that God would send us 10 more .

We named the new babies, Winkie, Inkie (should have been Blinkin' but that was too close to Blackie) and Nod. They are adorable. They all have their first baby pictures posted. Surprisingly they were not feral. They had no fleas. No worms and other than lack of proper nutrition, they were ready for love.

We keep trying to kiss all the sugar off of them, but wouldn't you know it, they just keep getting sweeter instead. smile

We are back to 18. My husband says that's our lucky number. I hope he's right. Our house is full.

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