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The Boss
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 2:04am PST 
My mommy is moving me to England and we have the paperwork , IATA crate etc stuff all in order. We are on the same flight and I am in a pressure/temp control cabin, not cargo. It's a direct flight, about 6 hours and some, but I have an early check in so will be in there for maybe 8-10 hours total. I'm wondering what to do about litter box in the crate - it's big enough for a small one, but I'm worried in a bumpy situation the litter would get thrown around and mess me up, or that I would be too clueless to use it anyway. The plan is to line the crate with absorbent liner. I am already sleeping in my crate and getting used to it but just don't know what to do about including a litter box/tray of some sort?! Any help appreciated.

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