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Catster Railroad > Any recommendations for pet van transport for cats & dogs?


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I assume youve found a solution. But i Will post this for the record. For your cat, look up Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network on the web and on Facebook. They can help cats nationwide and their volunteers have transported cats by car, train and airplane. . I have heard there are similar orgs for dogs but don't know of one...

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New to Catster/Tips & Tricks > I'ze new three!

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Hi I'm Eli. Two leggeds say I'm an Oriental Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair mix.I'm 3 years old. I have two persons: one is the person who is my foster person. the other is Anne, who is hoping she will give me my forever home after Petunia crosses the Rainbow Bridge to meet Skippy. My wanna be person is hoping to learn more about me, I'm such a beautiful unique color, she thinks Lavender might not describe me right. She would like to connect with other two leggeds who know lots about Oriental Shorthair coat colors.

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My name is Petunia. I'm 15 years old. I just came to CA from MD a few months ago. Flying in the cabin of an airplane with my person, Anne, all the way from Maryland to California was a big adventure! I tried hard to be quiet, but I'm a Siamese, you know. Those bumps were scary, I forgot not to cry. The flight attendant offered me milk and water to help distract me, but I was too busy to drink it. I made it, and now I'm a California Girl, just like the song says! Now My job is to comfort my human, she is sad because the new cat doctor told her I have a nasty thing in me called cancer. She wants to connect with other humans whose cats have cancer.,,,

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