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Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 9:35am PST 
I'm Discord and I'm not a kitten, but I'm new to my family! So that makes me kitteny, right?!

I came into this mixed up family one snowy, freezing night. I followed "mom" to her apartment door and she shut the door on me! I was so offended! She later let me know that she only wanted me to go back to my family, it was too cold for kitty to be outside! Well little did she know, I didn't have a home..let alone a family!!
I scratched at her door, mewing and crying out! It broke her heart, so she let me in "for one night only"
Well one night turned to two, two turned to three. She asked around her apartment complex, but no one had seen me at all! Not even wondering around outside!
She posted an ad on Craigslist, but still no response!
But that's in the past! Here I am now, with my new, beloved sister Padme and a dog!
I'm slowly warming up to "mom", but I like to keep my distance! People scare me!

"Mom" is officially taking me in, she even called for a neutering appointment! (whatever that is) She said once I'm neutered I'll be a forever permanent part of the family! I'm so excited!

Anyway! Enough about me and my story! Hello to everykitty! I'd like to hear about you!
Anything, I like to hear about other kitties' stories!

Love, Discord

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Cats and a Clean Home > Best Solution for Male Urine?

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Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 12:06am PST 
Well so far, so good..kind of! OH MY GOSH! THE MARKING! We left for about an hour...when we came back the smell smacked us square in the face! BAM! CAT URINE! Right at the front door! Haha, I scrubbed the floor, the walls and the door, he hasn't gone back to that spot(yet), but he has marked an odd spot!
I was laying in bed last night and kept smelling cat urine, the litter box is in our bathroom (connected to our bedroom) but I had just cleaned it before getting into bed and didn't smell anything strong. Well, I did a little nosy detective work and found out that he sprayed right on the wall by my pillow! EEK!
I understand the door thing, letting know other cats that this is now HIS apartment, but my pillow?? I'm horrified!
Can anyone tell me why he might have done that?

He has also started this habit/game of yowling throughout the night. He'll pace back and forth from the front window to my side of the bed, crying and yowling. I don't know how to stop it. Cats are very different than dogs! I've grown up with dogs, trained dogs, groomed dogs. I have just found this hidden love for cats, and I still don't know much about them! All I know is that saying "no! Go nuh-night!", (like I do for my chihuahua when she decides it's time to play while we're falling asleep).....let's just say cats are nothing like dogs!

No worries, though! These things are no means for me finding him a new home! He's just doing instinctual stuff and I understand that. I vow to try to help him overcome it with some neutering and nurturing!

He has made some affection progress, that I am quite proud of! He came up to me on the couch and laid with me, it was heartwarming! He was even purring! I think he could be a really great family cat with some time, understanding and love!

We've named him Discord. It fits him..for many reasons! Discord meaning "the disagreement between people". I brought him in, boyfriend said NO!, I say yes, he still says no, no, no!...he'll come around though. I saw him petting Discord, but shhhhh don't tell boyfriend I saw!
Also, Discord a synonym for chaos and disharmony - he's definitely thrown our quiet little world into disharmony, but we'll overcome that, too!
and last, but not least!
Discord, the villain off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - the best cartoon in all of everything!

Thank you for reading!
The new found kitty lover,

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Behavior & Training > Males and Females and who they like better?!


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Purred: Mon Mar 4, '13 7:01pm PST 
So I have just recently noticed that Padmé doesn't come to me. She doesn't run away when I come near or slink away from me when I go to pet her, she's not afraid of me. I've just always thought she was a more to-herself type of cat, which she mostly is. She's always been more of my boyfriend's cat. She doesn't really stick close to him, but she'll come when he calls, he can hold her like a baby, she head-butts his face. I thought she just loved Corey and that was it! No one else!
But a funny thing happened the other day. My boyfriends friend came over and sat down. I watched as she jumped up into the friends lap and laid down. He scratched her on the head and she head butted his hand. Affection!
I rarely get affection from this girl and I'm the only one that feeds her, puts fresh water out and cleans her litter box. The most that I ever get out of her is a look and a soft mew, in which I'll pat her on the head and then she runs off.

I've noticed with my dog...she prefers sitting with males over females. She'll even sit with a male over me. She's my dog, I take care of her, give her all her loves! She loves me and I know it. She's always with me (psychiatric SD) but when we go to a friends house, or friends come here she's always with a male! If I go over to my mom's, she'll go and sit with my step-dad or my step-brother. (If I do leave the room, she will get up and follow me)

Now finally, the stray cat I found a couple days ago. He followed me to my apartment door and when I left him outside (thinking he'd go back home) after he insistently scratched at me door and wouldn't stop meowing I let him in. He's slowly warming up to only me. Today he came up and head-butted/purred my face and then laid down on my stomach and kneaded. He won't really go near my boyfriend or male friends. I haven't had any females over yet, so I don't know if it's just me.

I understand that it probably has to do with hormones and scents and pheromones and deeper things, but have any of you experienced any of these things?
I know I can't be the only one!
I'd love to read some stories!
and I must apologize for the long post!

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Cats and a Clean Home > Best Solution for Male Urine?


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Thank You! I've asked around my apartment complex and nobody has ever seen him before. He acts like he's been abused...he jumps at sounds or if I walk past him, if I go to pet him he slinks down to the ground like a scared puppy, but he'll lay in my arms for hours.
but thank you again! I'll definitely try cleaning with vinegar and water, I want it completely gone so he won't try and cover it up once he's neutered.

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Cats and a Clean Home > Best Solution for Male Urine?


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I found a lonely male cat yesterday night, he followed me home and I couldn't leave him outside since there's around 4 inches of snow and its freezing out. So I took him in for the night and woke up the next morning to house full of urine smell.
Anyway, I'm gonna look around to see if he has an owner, if not I'm going to neuter him and keep him..
Moral of the you guys know of any good home remedies or products that work well to get the smell out?

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